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New Decks in the Works, 2015

150 isn’t enough, so I’ve got several new decks in various states of construction.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon, 2:  Takhisis/Dragonlance themed — black knights, Viashino Draconiana, Dragon Highlord Legends,  Mono colored Dragons (okay and the FRF legendaries too).     591 more words


Just how to Bypass Blocked Web Sites with A Proxy

For a lot of individuals, using proxies if for personal privacy and security. They will learn that every time they use the internet for anything that there is a record kept in many places about their activity. 197 more words


How Proxies Play A Very Important Role In Homeowner Associations

A proxy is a person appointed to represent another’s interest. Using proxies ensures the ability to meet quorum requirements (the minimum number of members needed to hold a legal meeting). 27 more words

IP addresses aren't passport photos

I hear it time and time again. If someone is bothering you electronically, such as by e-mail, you can identify them on the basis of the IP address, take that to the police and be done with it. 146 more words


Netflix Crackdown On VPN Usage

You may have to forget about watching re-runs of The US Office and, let’s face it, the better selection of TV shows and movies that Netflix has to offer. 117 more words

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