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'Anonymous' Proxy List?

I forget exactly where I found this link – I think it was either Electronic Frontier Foundation or Privacy Tools  – but it’s a list of… 305 more words


Why a VPN is better than a Proxy?

While both a proxy and a VPN can connect you to a remote computer, they are not exactly the same. One of these two can not give you a secure connection. 520 more words


Of Proxies and People

A member of the Rhode Island Historical Society for over 30 years, Daniel C. Schofield, 79, of Westerly, passed away on January 24, 2017.  He was avid Rhode Island historian and a well-respected collector of historical political artifacts and documents. 453 more words

Collection Notes

IP addresses aren't passport photos

I hear it time and time again. If someone is bothering you electronically, such as by e-mail, you can identify them on the basis of the IP address, take that to the police and be done with it. 146 more words

Global Awareness

How To Use Quality Private Usa Proxies?

A proxy server (or proxy) really is a home pc system, program, or web pages that, when activated, will allow you to connect with the provider port with the computer system. 618 more words

The definitive guide to cyber security for authors.

By Kyle Perkins.

Okay, so I have met a LOT of people in the indie writing community that have little to no knowledge on how to protect themselves online. 1,382 more words

Intro to Cargocult (blog post)

In the Second World War, Allied troops airdropped massive amounts of food, weaponry, and supplies onto the Melanesian islands. To the islanders, largely isolated from modern industrialization, the wealth and abundance of the drops was interpreted within a mystical, quasi-religious framework. 776 more words