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Azure Function Proxies - Part 1: Represent heterogenous service operations into a single API

When using the Microsoft Azure offering, an important aspect is to use the right service for the job. In this way, you might end up with an API that is composed of several Azure services such as Blob Storage, Logic Apps and Azure Functions. 1,528 more words


HTTP 403 error - PowerShell Remoting, Different Domains and Proxies

On my day to day work I use Nagios monitoring software. I want to add some custom SQL Server scripts to enrich the monitoring, and to accomplish this I will need to: 709 more words


Ideological Indirect Cyberattacks by Iran Likely to Increase Against Saudi Arabia

Executive Summary:

Driven by ideology, Iran will likely use proxies to increase attacks on networks of Saudi government agencies and major critical infrastructure.

  • The use of cybercriminals and organizational groups are a security extension and propaganda tool for the Iranian government.
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Most of the Recent Warming Could be Natural

This story broke while Anthony and I were eclipse hunting. ~ctm

From Jennifer Marohasy

By jennifer on August 21, 2017 in Information

AFTER deconstructing 2,000-year old proxy-temperature series back to their most basic components, and then rebuilding them using the latest big data techniques, John Abbot and I show what global temperatures might have done in the absence of an industrial revolution.  1,369 more words


Warm periods in the 20th century are not unprecedented during the last 2,000 years

Public Release: 8-Aug-2017

From Eurekalert

Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

IMAGE: 2,000-year temperature reconstruction in China. view more

Credit: Yang Liu & Jingyun Zheng… 474 more words


'Anonymous' Proxy List?

I forget exactly where I found this link – I think it was either Electronic Frontier Foundation or Privacy Tools  – but it’s a list of… 305 more words


Why a VPN is better than a Proxy

While both a proxy and a VPN can connect you to a remote computer, they are not exactly the same. One of these two can not give you a secure connection. 519 more words