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No Internet Access in You Country?

In some countries regimes put some heavy restrictions on access to information. Mostly newspapers and television stations are under government control and internet access as well. 277 more words

Proxy Server

YouTube on Desktop:

The generation of current age is most fast then the generations of old era. In old times there was no internet facility all most every sort of work used to be done by man force. 301 more words

Unblock Youtube

Want Refreshment?

Have you ever been at school or job getting bored when all of a sudden you get that urge to get onto computer and check your social networking accounts? 313 more words

Unblock Youtube

Easy Plans For Proxy Server - An Update

When you look into the internet having an address aside from your original address, you make usage of a proxy address. The address won’t reveal your identity to varied sites that you just access, when you see the internet. 351 more words

Proxy Server

NGINX as a Reverse Proxy

In this article we will learn how to setup NGINX as a reverse proxy for apache web server.

Now there are plenty of articles online with intricate details that might be confusing and too complex for your taste. 541 more words

6 Ways Retailers & Stores Track Your Spending Habits – How to Protect Your Personal Data.

Do you know that retailers, stores and companies can track you and your financial behaviour online?

Like two children who leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way out of the forest and back home. 2,123 more words

Membuat PC Router dan Proxy Server menggunakan Debian

Selain Mikrotik, Debian juga dapat digunakan sebagai Router. Untuk membuat PC Router dibutuhkan minimal dua Ethernet. Satu Ethernet terhubung ke jaringan internet dan satu Ethernet terhubung ke jaringan local. 540 more words