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How to setup SQUID (proxy server) on Ubuntu

Sometimes you need to proxy your traffic over a server in order to pass certain firewall rules, and/or geographic restrictions on some websites, configuring SQUID on your own droplet it’s very useful to solve this kind of needs, and the installation it’s pretty straight forward 134 more words


Can You Access .Onion Sites Without Tor Browser?

by Ciphas

(Note: Thanks to Ben Tasker’s Security Blog and traudt.xyz for being references.)

Can you access .onion sites without the Tor Browser? Short answer? Yes, you can – but I… 703 more words

Dark Web

Proxy Setting Explained For Every Browser | Local Proxies

Proxy Setting of Each Browser Explained in Details

Are you looking for a way to hide all the activities that you are performing on the web from the prying eyes? 2,005 more words

'Anonymous' Proxy List?

I forget exactly where I found this link – I think it was either Electronic Frontier Foundation or Privacy Tools  – but it’s a list of… 305 more words


Setup an Apache Reverse Proxy Server on Ubuntu 14.04

In my last post, I demonstrated how we can set up an Apache Forward Proxy Server on Ubuntu 14.04. So, this post will talk about everything you need to set up an Apache Reverse Proxy Server. 915 more words


SQL Backup to URL (Azure Blob) behind authenticated proxy server

If you want to use SQL 2012 or above to backup directly to a URL and your servers are behind a corporate proxy that also requires auth, create the following .net config file so that the sql service will make the connection correctly: 84 more words


How To Setup An Apache Forward Proxy Server on Ubuntu 14.04

Introduction : –

A Forward Proxy Server is a server that sits between you, aka client, and your remote server. Lets put it in a simple way :) 1,030 more words