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npm err 407 proxy authentication required

因為公司有用代理伺服器 (proxy server) 做網路控管,所以在使用NPM下載套件時一直沒有過。在網路上找了好幾個方式,普遍都是直接在 command prompt 輸入下列指令: 53 more words


How to install Python modules with pip behind a proxy ?

Pip has an option for installing Python modules behind a proxy.

$ sudo pip --proxy http://your_proxy:3128 install pyvmomi

Bash variable http_proxy is not used by pip to access any configured proxy.



¿Qué es un proxy?

Es un ordenador intermedio que se usa en la comunicación de otros dos. La información (generalmente en Internet) va directamente entre un ordenador y otro. 444 more words


VIDEO | "I'm Magnificent (Remix)" @theproxy12

One of my favorite things as a kid was to run around on the playground and pretend I was Wolverine from “X-Men”. To this day he’s still my favorite superhero. 172 more words


Angular 2 with REST-Backend

I’ve recently started a project based on Angular 2 for the front-end, and with a full-REST/Webservices backend.

While doing some devs for the front, as many of us, I used the famous “ng serve” to get a fresh compiled-over-the-time GUI. 104 more words

Configuring a proxy in Visual Studio 2015

Every now & then, I would get a little message pop-up in Visual Studio telling me that I needed to re-authenticate with the proxy, or proxy authentication required. 125 more words


Maintaining an AIO

These days I was maintaining an All-in-one machine (AIO), which is a cluster with one manager node and several task nodes. It was really annoying. 539 more words