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Implement Blackberry Router to better secure Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management

When anyone mentions Blackberry, the first thing that comes to mind is security in part by the Blackberry infrastructure that spans across the globe. It is comforting to know that outbound traffic from the internal network can then be limited to such infrastructure only instead of the world wide web (or wild wild west.) 296 more words

Error : Solving GIT Error Setting Certificate Verify Locations

Integrated Git support is one of the greatest features of Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s  source code editor. Git is a distributed version control system… 175 more words


Buy Socks Proxy Bitcoin

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Будни шифропанка, the day is coming...

Про Телеграм, если вам покажется, что вы его потеряли:


В переводе на гуманитарный, как обычно: 24 more words

Sneak peek to Javascript AOP

As of last week, one of my colleagues has translated an article about ES6 Proxy. Soon after I read that, I came up with an idea about  1,508 more words



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The Leviathan in the Levant.

Warning, this is a mouthful, and purely based on opinion compiled with the knowledge I have.
Okay so I am someone who is avidly in favour of the alternative or anti – MSM opinion being presented to the masses so you would imagine I am having a field day with the opposition to the US – UK and French airstrikes on the Syrian army, however I am not, and I am going to tell you why, as someone who kind of supports (without the use of chemical weapons) an Assad, Putin victory for the simple reason that Assad is secular and san, we will never see him wage a jihad on the west but the opposition are mostly Jihadi Islamists who would enforce Islamic jurisprudence in the drop of a pin if they came to power, and as someone like all in the western world, who does not want to see women’s rights diminished and children indoctrinated into a terrorist mind-set, I support any effort to eradicate the threat that is the terrorist opposition to the Assad regime, any terrorist attack from Syrian refugee’s in Europe are opposition to Assad, they want us to not accept any refugee’s so they can force them to fight for them in Syria or use innocent civilians as human shields, as hostages or collateral in any way so basically a they use civilians as way to keep the Assad army from attacking there strongholds, basically, Assad is hardly going to bomb towns that are full to the brim of innocent people not because he is a good guy but more because that will just force them to join the Islamist opposition, but that’s a different story anyways here’s the catch 22, Assad’s army and the Russians are kicking the butt’s (keeping it PG) of Islamist’s and that’s great, except, if Assad wins, he is in the pocket of a different form of fundamentalism, Iran. 2,550 more words