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Enjoy YouTube for Hobby

Hobby and life are hand in hand. It is integral to life is adopted to mitigate mental burden and depression is mounted in real world activities. 329 more words


Secret Question, Secret Password or My Insane Thoughts on Auth Security

This occurred to me after guessing friend’s secret questions(with their permission), from simple stuff like entering “123” for the flight number and similar to a bit more complex one: “my dad” for who’s your best teacher. 273 more words

How to change your ip @ (Hola!)

Hola! is a plugin that you install it on your browser and it give you freedom to browse the web without censorship and to instantly play media files without waiting for them to download (torrent files). 108 more words


Unblock.pk proxy for securing Your online movement

My friend keeps touch with internet daily. He had problems from hacker’s site.  Hackers hacking activities had put him in deep trouble. His personal computer was now and gain attacked and his data was stolen. 247 more words


How Can You Use Web Proxies

Most of the software may not be compatible with all platforms. Means there are separate software for each and every platform. Windows based applications may not work good/better on android and same is the case with other platforms. 271 more words

Unblock YouTube

YouTube for Educational Wisdom

YouTube a worldwide free educational personal channel is visited by hundreds of thousands student daily. It is free online learning channel. The world has been moving from traditionalism to modernism due to technology.   247 more words


YouTube as a Digital  Machine for multiple things

Nowadays YouTube is a part of life. It has gained much weight for its viewership. It is a much revenue generating site for Google. It is computer machine. 269 more words