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Squid3 changes for Debian Jessie

I upgraded our Squid3 proxy server to Debian Jessie today. The process as usual was pretty painless until the Squid3 service tried to restart. Then I saw what looked like a world of hurt from the syslog output. 338 more words


Proxy for yum

Short post, short story. If your server is in a separated network without “internet” connectivity, but you have a proxy server set up in the network you can download the packages from official repos! 11 more words


Book Review: Proxy by Alex London

Proxy by Alex London (Proxy #1) / ★★☆☆☆

Summary: As a proxy, Syd must pay for someone else’s crimes, so when his patron, Knox, crashes a car and kills someone, Syd is sentenced to pay a terrible price. 786 more words

Book Review

SQL Server Agent Roles - SQLAgentUserRole


From a previous post we noted that we are flirting with granting our external job manager, Control-M, access to SQLAgentUserRole.

What is written?

So as not to exceed what is written, let us see what MSFT’s official documentation states: 317 more words


Proposed Project: Proxy

A young girl named Violet is brought to a mental hospital by her father, Leroy, possibly unhinged by her mother’s death. Is she actually crazy, or does her father have a reason for locking her up? 67 more words

Proposed Projects

Proxy Metagame

There is actually an interesting metagame for proxy now for TvP and TvT. 639 more words


They would say this...

China is whining that the world,  by which it means Pres. Trump,  must stop saying that  China is responsible  for North Korea.  The problem is that China has not only allowed NoKo to exist,  its has propped it up when necessary and derived great benefit from allowing the rogue state to bedevil and blackmail the West with threats of nuclear and chemical and biological warfare. 27 more words