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1minute29: Ergo Proxy 11

Vincent wanders into a bookstore, a library of his mind. He is hallucinating, making a spiritual journey to find the memories locked within himself. The spirit of the proxy and the gatekeeper of memory argue, and eventually Vincent accepts that he is Ergo Proxy. 43 more words


The need of Upstream Proxy for Burp Suite

This is one of the core need for penetration tester to have upstream proxy configuration for burp suite. For example if you want test your application through a proxy on your penetration test environment  or if you need to test web proxy/url filter directly including proxy bypass test scenarios then having upstream proxy configuration will be very useful. 45 more words

Ana Sayfa

1minute29: Ergo Proxy 10

Re-l is still alive, and she is accompanied by Iggy as they scour abandoned colonies. Daedelus is relieved of his duty as both the proxy and Re-l, he reasons for his artificial creation, are thought to be dead. 122 more words


Coherence 12.2.1 Cluster Discovery Made Easy


In Coherence 12.2.1 a number of changes were made to make working with ports in Coherence easier. These changes allow multiple clusters (including different versions from 12.2.1 on), to share the same cluster port, and in most cases ports and addresses do not need to be explicitly set. 1,280 more words

1minute29: Ergo Proxy 9

Vincent wakes up in a warm bed within a comfortably large home. The master of the house welcomes him, but Pino tends to shy away from the man. 241 more words


1minute29: Ergo Proxy 8

Vincent and Pino are running out of provisions, and finally find evidence of civilisation, only to be in e middle of a battlefield. They bellyland their hoveryacht, and are picked up by the human soldiers. 178 more words


1minute29: Ergo Proxy 7

One by one, the old men from the Commune waste away and die, leaving only Vincent and Pino. They head towards Vincent’s birthplace, what I assume to be a collapsed dome. 154 more words