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Configuring yum to Use a Proxy Server


This short tutorial will show you how to configure yum to use a proxy. I’m using centOS 7 but I believed the configuration is nearly the same with our beloved CentOS 5 and 6. 44 more words


Create virtual host for services running on different ports

Some services run on different ports and to access them in the browser we have to mention the port number also. For ex :

SonarQube : 9000 
Neo4j : 7474 
Jenkins : 8080… 149 more words

Bypass corporate proxies and firewalls with an SSH Tunnel

“Seriously, I can’t get anything done in this office thanks to their draconian proxy configuration, everything is blocked!”

Sound familiar? If you are a web developer, you need unrestricted access, right? 171 more words


SQL injection in the MySQL server (of the proxy kind!)

As work on WarpSQL (Shard-Query 3) progresses, it has outgrown MySQL proxy.  MySQL proxy is a very useful tool, but it requires LUA scripting, and it is an external daemon that needs to be maintained.   1,480 more words


Proxy on Ubuntu terminal

Most of people working in college have an internet behind proxy server. We can set proxy using GUI easily in Ubuntu. Here we are going to talk about how to set proxy using terminal. 210 more words


Bandwidth throttling using Squid Proxy

Internet is the most important and one of the basic amenities in today’s world. Sharing internet using WiFi router with slow speeds having low bandwidth is a real pain. 497 more words