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What is a Proxy?

The term ‘Proxy’ is a contraction that comes from the middle English word procuracy, a legal term meaning to act on behalf of another. You may have heard of a proxy vote. 770 more words


Daily Reflection [2017/3/24]

Ahhh~ Friday~ To me is every day is almost the same but Friday feels special because it is Saturday the next day. I got lot of work done (I could have done more but I got stuck). 361 more words

My Life

A Red Teamer's Guide to Pivoting

What is hacking and what is network engineering? We’re not sure where exactly to draw the lines, but ’s writeup of pivoting is distinctly written from the (paid) hacker’s perspective. 330 more words

Security Hacks

Become anonymous on the internet

Hey there!

I’m gonna tell you something very important to you when you are browsing on the internet.nowadays we know that the internet is not the secure place.when you are browsing on the internet your IP address is freely opened for everyone.especially if you are doing hacking, penetration testing or something like that it is very important to be anonymous.so the question is how do we do that?actually, it is not much difficult to do.i’ll show you how to do it. 535 more words

Network Security

How to use a xmpp / jabber account behind a firewall and proxy...

Most companies castrate their internet access for their employees with a firewall and proxy. Normally only port 80 and 443 are open, which means no access to the xmpp port 5222. 382 more words


Invoking a web service over HTTPS with BusinessWorks 5.x

BusinessWorks 5.x happens to be quite capable when it comes to securing HTTP calls although setting up security can be somehow challenging.

BW supports several security mechanisms and protocols, among which: 880 more words


git proxy

Agar git dapat menggunakan proxy, silahkan tambahkan config global, bukan Environment Variables!

git config –global http.proxy 149 more words