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Turkey Trot (2015)

Every Thanksgiving, like many, we participate in an annual Turkey Trot.  I’m blessed to be apart a very large race where I can see a lot my friends that I grew up around,  families from some of my closer friends.  451 more words


Being Thankful Sometimes Takes a Little Convincing

I like to run on holidays, especially on my birthday and Thanksgiving—the two times of the year I’m acutely aware of the good things in my life. 719 more words

Remembering Trotting Through a Turkey Trot

I’m going to open up with this photo that makes me laugh each time I see it. This is definitely what I look like while running: 777 more words


PRS S2 Satin 2016

PRS have announced the new S2 satins for 2016.

While Guitarbear isn’t particularly interested in guitars with pickguards, these new guitars do look great in their satin coats. 38 more words


What I Learned from My Worst Race Ever

I’ve never had a bad race.

Until I did.

The night before the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, race organizers warned runners that the weather would be unseasonably warm. 866 more words

"Beginner" forever?!

I had an interesting conversation with my boyfriend last weekend about what separates a beginner runner from non-beginner. He ran his first sub 30min 5K last Saturday and not only was he excited about his awesome PR, but he also said that he finally “felt like a runner.” He’s been running regularly and racing (multiple 5k & 10Ks, three half marathons,  and one triathlon) for the past two years, but hitting this goal was the thing that made him finally feel legit. 707 more words