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P.S. Honesty is the Best Policy Afterall

In the field of public relations and advertising, we are faced with a plethora of ethical questions daily. Anywhere from direct market targetting through cookies or a campaign to criticize another company it is hard to determine where to draw the line, especially when the line is constantly moving. 341 more words


Am I Being Ethical Today?

Ethics in the profession of public relations are extremely important in order to maintain a status quo, and enhance the overall profession itself—ethical decisions are vital to keeping relations between businesses and the public professional, credible, and truthful. 336 more words


Just Trying To Get Wendy's Nuggets

Wendy’s is known in the Twitter-sphere for upholding a treasured, funny form of branding. So, this week, I decided that I was going to try to get their attention. 285 more words


Hey Virginia Heffernan: What You Apparently Don't Know About Public Relations

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Sometimes, I have to gaze up at the ceiling, so to say, to find the subject for a… 688 more words

Dear Mom, I'm Switching Majors

For students exploring their college major options:

If you’re currently sitting in your dreaded chemistry, history, or anatomy class debating on whether or not to switch your major: look no further. 237 more words


Why Writing Should Be the Most Sought-After Skill in PR

Heading into entry-level jobs, many new PR pros’ line of sight is straight on standard industry skills. And that’s expected, especially if they study communications in school. 677 more words

Public Relations

How to Plan for Success

Let’s set the scene: A coffee house, Sunshine Café,  is conducting market research, and found that college students are a prime audience for its products and services. 294 more words