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Surviving in the age of judicial activism

[For a medical professional’s view of alternatives to ACA, see http://clarespark.com/2015/06/26/another-missed-opportunity-james-pagano-m-d-on-scotuss-bad-decision/.%5D

Like all aging persons I am obsessed with maintaining my youthful vigor and mental alertness. 395 more words

Big Government

The Prude Versus The Pure

In “Sex And The Bible”, I made a case for the Bible being anything but a book that advances prudishness. The definition of prude… 800 more words


Hypocritical Prudes vs. Out2Enroll

Despite the operative issues with Healthcare.gov and the unforgivable technical compromises during rollout of the ACA (which I’ve experienced), I still get my hackles raised when the machines of hatred against the ACA roll over whole classes of people in their rush to find the worst in the law. 489 more words

From The Editor

True black and blue

I’m ashamed to be Australian.

I’m ashamed to be Australian because we’re racist.

For over seventy years we practiced the White Australia policy, aimed at ensuring this red land and its black inhabitants stayed firmly in the hands of the white man. 2,086 more words


A New Look At Chastity

I wanted to share a brief story that really spoke to me when I read it:

“At the age of thirteen, Hannah received a purity ring from her parents. 607 more words