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Low-Fat Jumbo Maple-Walnut Muffins

Combing through my 4″ thick loose-leaf  binder of recipe favorites, I happened on these muffins I last made before the new millenium.  But even so, their chewy texture and rich maple flavor still resonated, and they became the perfect excuse to whip out my oversized muffin tin and the oversized parchment liners I found on sale last week. 397 more words

Inktober 1-7, 2017

Here is what I have done so far for the Inktober challenge, a drawing in ink each day of October.

* 39 more words

Mini prune cakes

Last weeks oatmeal cookies, were such a success it inspired me to proceed to do some more baking! This week its all about culture on the island, also known as ‘siman di kultura’, meaning ‘culture week’. 324 more words


Tipsy chicken avec prunes

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts ‘avec’ means ‘with’ in French. Little word but quite social. Now about today’s food – this is you-gotta-try-it-to-believe-it kind of good. 268 more words


Trippin' Bliss Balls

I made these decadent little morsels for a treat. Still packed full of goodness and superfoods, they make eating food in which you know all the ingredients much easier; and they are much better for you than a biscuit or piece of cake!… and I add extra fibre to my bliss balls in the form of psyllium and chia seed. 405 more words

From The Pantry

quince pancakes, gluten-free, dairy-free

Dear neighbors, are you familiar with quince ? wouldn’t advise you to eat it raw, I have never heard it done. Most people have it in a pie, often in combination with apples (such as in… 788 more words

Sulfite Free