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Dried Fruits at Christmas

In Polish households fruits that have been dried from the summer often feature as one of the 12 dishes at the evening meal at Wigilia… 654 more words

Polish Food

Azerbaijani noodle aash

This noodle aash is popular in NW of Iran. It has a sour/sweet taste due to vinegar and prunes in it.. This is a noodle soup with cereals, meat balls, fried onions and dried mint. 171 more words


Prune Puree

So my daughter has now graduated to mashed veges, pap and gravy. She enjoys this more than she did the purees.

So my daughter has now graduated to mashed veges, pap and gravy. 481 more words

8 Healthy Dried Fruits

Our Ancestors always ate only fruits and vegetables that would grow in their region, they never brought fruits and vegetables from foreign and distant regions. It had nothing to do with availability, but had everything to do with thin energies. 347 more words

Vegan Christmas Paté

Meat pate is one of many traditional dishes for Christmas in Poland and before going vegan I always loved the one made by my grandma. Luckily it’s so easy to make a vegan version of it and I must say it tastes even better than the original one because it absorbs all the spices and aromas so well that it creates a more complex and deep flavour. 376 more words


Health benefits of dried prunes

Prunes are a great source of iron

As far as iron goes, prunes are your best choice. They help you prevent anemia and keep your blood circulation in check. 40 more words


This and That... part two!

A great summer kale

The last two years I have been growing a Portuguese kale from Territorial Seed Co. called  Beira Tronchuda. You can find it called Tronchuda Beira at Renee’s and other names from other companies I’m sure. 987 more words

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