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Walkin' the dog

Tank, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Sometimes when I take Wally out for his evening stroll I’ll grab a camera  and lens I haven’t used for a while “just in case”. 140 more words

Woodbury wetlands

Intown wetlands, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I mean no disservice to the average Woodbury resident, but I wonder how many of them have ever taken notice of this little creek and the surrounding wetlands that exists right on Main Street in the heart of town; it’s easy to miss driving past at forty miles an hour. 228 more words

Ride, don't walk, to The White Silo*

Red bike, White Silo, Sherman, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Susan, her husband Steven, Marc, and I took a ride up to The White Silo* in Sherman to look over the space for our upcoming exhibit. 224 more words

Presents of mind

Please be seated, Sherman, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I don’t know about you, but I’m continually intrigued by the source of ideas.  When I began posting to this blog my goal was one post a week and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up that pace for very long. 395 more words

Going Up or Down, the path is the same.

Ramp, Sharon, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Life can be a struggle. We can imagine the mountaineer struggling to reach the summit. The long, often difficult climb to reach the top. 312 more words

They don't make them like this anymore

Corner post, Sharon, Connecticut © Steven Willard

The town of Sharon, located in the upper northwest corner of the state, is a small town with an impressive number of stately homes lining the Main Street, actually a green, through the middle of town. 262 more words

Power trip

Gate House, Kent, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I went for a ride with friends Susan, Steven and Marc this Sunday afternoon. We started out surveying the space available for the site where we are scheduled for a group exhibit in June. 258 more words