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Richmond Revisited

As happens to everyone, everyone I know at least, I’ve found myself in a bit of a photography slump lately. I have experienced this enough times not to be concerned about it, but it is frustrating to want to make photographs but just not able to press the button. 432 more words



Stuck in the ice of a frozen vise,

Captive of the cold till Spring

Olympus OMD EM1 WITH 40-150mm f2.8 zoom, processed in PS Express and Snapseed.

What's behind the green door?*

My friend, Ronnie, has lived in Richmond for eight years, and in that time has managed to find many wonderful subjects for photographs. Lucky for me he was willing to show me some of them. 71 more words

Tree in Fog #2

Not all images work as both color and black and white, but I think this one does. You can scroll down to the color version from December 23, and decide which version you prefer. 48 more words

Smartphone Photo Apps

If, like most people, you take a majority of your photo’s on your smartphone, you’ll need a few decent apps to help with editing. Here are my thoughts on a few I’ve used. 156 more words


My Favorite Apps in 2017

These are the apps everyone should have on their phone. 883 more words