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Fallout 4 - some loose thoughts

And here we are. At that strange point of Fallout 4 save where it seems that a small break is required. I had finally decided to take the game to the end and it turned out that one of my planned options wasn’t there because, well I played through the game trying to experience as much as I can. 773 more words


Gaming on a Budget: Battlefield Bad Company 2

This first-person sequel was an explosive addition to the Battlefield series. A squad-level shooter based in a modern war, Battlefield Bad Company 2  follows Protagonist Private Preston Marlowe after him and the other soldiers in Bad Company raided gold from mercenaries and fought against the Legionnaire during the war between the Untied States of America and the Russian Federation. 947 more words


What if? The Madden Way - Ugly truths.

There has been more and more discontent among the Colts’ players. You could feel the atmosphere getting more and more intense so the Week 4 match up against divisional foe, Jaguars was very important for the team. 245 more words