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15 Great Games: Shadow Man (1999)

Being Acclaim in the late 90’s must not have been easy. On one hand, Turok 1 and 2 had propelled them to new heights. On the other hand, their hits were stuck on a console with a very limited audience. 739 more words

Twenty Years Of Playstation: My Memories

1995. If you were living in the UK then it was full of dark and tragic events, from notorious serial killer Fred West hanging himself in his cell to the deaths of Peter Cook and Fred Perry, two individuals whose impact is still felt to this day. 2,101 more words


Mega Man Legends lands on PSN

I thought this would never happen due to some complications cited in the past, but Mega Man Legends has made it to the PS3/Vita as a PS1 classic! 19 more words


The Forgotten Mega Man Series: Mega Man Legends!

The mid-1990s saw the release of both the Playstation and Nintendo 64, and with them the introduction of 3D gaming to the home console market. The new hardware presented some unique challenges for publishers and developers, but it also brought some questions about transitioning popular properties that made their legacy in 2D to the new 3D world. 1,668 more words

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Crash Bandicoot: My Childhood Superhero

Gaming has been a HUGE part of my childhood back in the late 90s. If I can recall, I think the first console I’ve played was the NES (am I right?), which we used to call it the ‘ 1,540 more words


15 Great Games: Baroque (1998)

Of all the games I’ve listed thus far, this is the most obscure. And yet, it’s also the one I would select as my choice for the top spot. 822 more words