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The Many Highs and Lows of E3

From 2005’s Xbox & Nintendo spectacles to 2015’s PlayStation megaton bombs, we look back at the many lows & highs of this auspicious expo. Three weeks to go folks! 9 more words


Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer Walkthrough – Colossus

Level Two – Colossus

Gems: 400

Orbs: Three

Enemies: 13

Colossus is a pretty enjoyable level to start out the Summer Forest worlds with, and you can 100% this one immediately, unlike Glimmer and Idle Springs. 608 more words


Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer Walkthrough - Summer Forest

Homeworld – Summer Forest

Gems: 400

Orbs: Four

Portals: Glimmer, Colossus, Idle Springs, Hurricos, Sunny Beach, Aquaria Towers, Ocean Speedway, Crush’s Dungeon

Ahh, Summer Forest. 454 more words


My Top 10 Most Influential Games: #5 "Resident Evil 2".

So here we are at my number 5, a game that I recall with more clarity than many on this list. Primarily because of just how harrowing this game was for me growing up. 942 more words


Spyro The Dragon

Yesterday I wrote about Dungeons and Dragons, but this morning I want to talk about the only dragon that really matters. He’s about ‘yay’ high, purple and has the voice of a late 90s skateboarding American teen. 961 more words


Parapa The Rapper [PS4] - as seen previously on PSP.....

Reports have been circulating on GBATemp that the recently released ‘Parapa The Rapper’ wasn’t a enhanced PS4 port of the PS1 classic, but infact the PSP image being emulated with high res textures (That explains the lack of additions, and the 30 frames issue). 91 more words

(PS1) Crash Bandicoot: Warped review

A fitting end to the PS1 mascot’s adventures, bringing everything learnt from the previous three years to create the most polished and enjoyable experience yet. 1,653 more words