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Weekend gaming update! August 1st

Here we are on another weekend! Which means game time right? I’m still chipping away at MKX platinum trophy, and getting ready to see what week 2 of the summer sales hold on the PSN. 107 more words


Moving into a new home 010

010: Shell Prompt

Here’s a quick change that can really help you keep track of things while you’re working. First I’ll show an example, then describe how to do it. 634 more words

Golang parallelism issues causing "too many open files" error

I’ve been hacking in golang for a while, but I’ll admit that I didn’t get too deep into some of the language nuances until more recently. 598 more words


WCW Nitro for PS1/N64 sucked anus.

One of the worst videogames of all TIME was WCW Nitro for PS1. It had one good feature: the nWo theme in the menu. This was in the days before you had your themes on YouTube. 344 more words


Crash Bandicoot - TGI Plays

Happy Friday all! Today is the day I get to play one of my favourite classic games and this week I return to Naughty Dog… 43 more words


Crash and Burn

Earlier in the year, I talked about the decline of a popular 90’s series starring a famous anthropomorphic hedgehog, but there was another character on a different system that faced an even harsher decline, a jean and sneaker wearing orange marsupial named Crash Bandicoot. 736 more words

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