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Klonoa - Proper Platforming

So far with games like Tomba 2 and Rayman, I’ve felt pretty disappointed with the Platformer representation on the PS1. Imagine my surprise when I found Klonoa to be both charming and a lot of fun! 79 more words

Gameplay Update

Imaginative #Gaming! 

Back when I was yay high and admittingly not old enough to play certain games, I created my own narrative within them.

I’m still not sure why I did this, it could of been due to the game been difficult, that I got bored of the game or simply my imagination would just run riot within these games worlds. 330 more words


Games to Revisit in January

Well it’s January and I’m already messing up my dates. I’ve been too busy to play games lately but I always make time for a game or two since it keeps me sane, I miss myself if I ever stop gaming for awhile. 682 more words



A score from Facebook and a local game store, totalling somewhere around $60. A few sort of hard to find SNES games in there – at least hard to find locally anyway. 9 more words

General Finds

Flashback Friday: Tekken 1

Look at this – I’m posting a Flashback Friday on time for once! Anyway, this week I wanted to take you all back to the first Tekken. 215 more words


Flashback Friday | CROC

Hey all! Jet here. It’s that time of the week again and this time I’m doing the FBF on time, Hoorah! I’ve been meaning to chose this game for a couple of weeks now so here it is, Enjoy! 341 more words


Chrono Cross - Time's End

And that’s it, game’s over!

As is often the case in these RPG’s the game ended with a long and painful final dungeon, culminating in an unsatisfying final boss fight. 102 more words

Gameplay Update