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[#3 ] Sal Val Finds

Sorry for the lack of posts. I decided to sum up my last few thrift store outings in one post. I know I already showed those 3 ps1 games, I forgot and I’m too lazy to take another picture. 185 more words


First Impression - Spriggan: Lunar Verse

With the critically acclaimed Bloodborne released recently, the developer everyone seems to be talking about is From Software. While best known these days for their “Souls” games, From was an extremely prolific developer on the PS1, where their Armored Core and King’s Field series had their starts. 206 more words


PocketStation (Part One)

The PocketStation was a weird/cool/cute peripheral for the PS1 released in Japan in early 1999. It was a memory card, a minigame player, and ¬†PDA all in one, not unlike Sega’s VMU, released alongside the Dreamcast around the same time. 176 more words