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Playing Harvest Moon BTN Without Cheating

Hello readers.

It is a bit nostalgic when i found on my laptop this game, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Back when i was en elementary student, this game was my favorite and it is still until now. 774 more words


You've probably never played... Kaze no Notam

Kaze no Notam (Notam of Wind)
Developer(s): Artdink
Publisher: Artdink

Platform(s): PlayStation
Release Date: September 11th 1997 (Japan exclusive)

When it comes to capturing the feeling of flight, video games have a tendency to focus on speed above all else – modern air vehicles offer the sensation of insane velocity that many long for when soaring the digital skies, the closest thing to mankind’s dream of flight encompassed in a digital form. 1,388 more words

METAL GEAR SOLID (1998)---Review by T. Martin

While gameplay is still an essential element to modern games, many blockbuster titles such the Tomb Raider reboot series feel so much like virtual movies that you can get an equally thrilling—or repulsive considering how gory those games are—experience watching them on Youtube without touching a button; we have 1998’s  1,307 more words


Thrift Store Adventures: PS1 and GBA

Today I went to Value Village, a Canadian thrift store chain, in search of some retro games.  This place is hit and miss depending on who in town has recently emptied out their closet, and whether or not you get there when the stuff goes out into the glass case.  393 more words

A Little Thing Called Games - Growing Up and Inspirations

I love games, i have grown up always with some sort of gaming  computer system in the house as my family loved gaming too. When I was a kid we had gaming system such as NES, Super Nintendo and eventually things such as the PS1, PS2, Gameboy etc etc. 574 more words


Game With The Best Cutscenes

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 16 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘game with the best cutscenes’.

The only game I’ve ever played that I’ve fallen in love with the cutscenes for was… 189 more words

An LTA approved PAB (electric bike) that is stylish and packed with award recognition

Hey everyone, the world leading PAB that has won awards in Germany, Japan and USA is now available here in Singapore. The new BESV PS-1 pedal- 196 more words

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