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Vagrant Story - Critical Strike IRL

Without getting to into, I’ve been going through some personal family/life drama/bullshit that’s had a major impact on both my ability and desire to play video game… or do anything else really. 105 more words

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Vagrant Story - Political Intrigue?

I actually tried playing this game a couple years ago on an emulator after hearing so much about it, and I couldn’t quite get into it. 114 more words

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Wild 9 Limited Edition

One of the more common and not so expensive limited editions out there.

This is the U.K version, but I know there exists at least one more variant of this and that is a multi-language one. 47 more words

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Spiderman - Planet Venom

As much fun as I’m having with this game, the frustrations are just outweighing it too much. My mistake, apparently, was choosing to play on the Normal difficulty, however I don’t love Spiderman enough to start over from the beginning. 29 more words

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Spiderman - The Badguy Olympics

Last time I said this game is very much a product of its time, and that still holds very true. The controls are awkward, the camera wants to kill me, and the difficulty of the levels and encounters seems to be based more on how clunky the controls are, rather than actual game mechanics. 49 more words

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