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Games to Revisit in October

I have to say, scheduling posts twice a week is much easier to do now. I don’t stress about finding a topic each time I want to start posting at least which feels more relaxing now anyway, on to the main point of this post. 235 more words


SlamScape - Quick Review

I certainly want to slam my head into a landscape after this review…

Top Ten Retro Game Soundtracks

In the battle of graphics vs gameplay there is of course only one winner. For every dire but pretty Rise of the Robots, there is a superior if plainer looking Sensible Soccer. 1,691 more words


Ridge Racer Type 4: Real Racing Roots '99

1998’s Ridge Racer Type 4 is the quintessential PS1 game.

Perfectly embodying the spirit of late ’90s “cool” that Sony was so keen to pursue with its platform, particularly in the West, the game is also a showcase for exactly what the humble PlayStation was capable of in its later years as well as a perfect balance between widespread accessibility and hardcore long-term challenge. 1,738 more words

Cover Games

Video Game Review: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PlayStation)

*I played the PlayStation version. The game is also available on Windows and Sega Dreamcast.

Man, this game is almost twenty years-old but boy did it feel pretty sweet playing it again. 400 more words


Gex Review

Developer: Crystal Dynamics (and Beam Software for the Playstation version)
Platform: Playstation
Also on: PC, Sega Saturn, 3DO and Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Dec 1995… 1,325 more words