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Hugh Likes Video Games: Arc The Lad

Arc The Lad
Published by Working Designs
Played on PS Vita

The Skinny: An early PS1-era Tactical RPG, this quick and easy game is a far cry from later entries, but a good introduction to the sub-genre for new players. 438 more words

(PS1) Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back review

A much-improved sequel that’s well worth checking out, but still falls foul of some of the pitfalls of its predecessor.

World-building & Story

Unlike the wishy-washy figure-it-out-for-yourself storytelling found in the first game, … 1,197 more words


Missed Opportunity #438,988

You ever get that discouraging feeling that you missed something big, that opportunity was knocking but you didn’t move quick enough to answer the fucking door? 568 more words


Resident Evil Was Originally Intended For The SNES

In a recent interview with Game Informer, director Koji Oda chatted with them about Resident Evil, and how it was originally intended for the SNES. 176 more words


PS2 dynamic theme on its way to the PS4

The boot up screens for the original PlayStation and PS2 are quite possibly some of my favorites. However, the PS2 brought us peaceful and sleek menu designs. 13 more words


Legend of Mana - 2017 Playthrough


As I was nearing the end of DQ3 I was thinking of what to play next and decided to go for Legend of Mana. I tend to play it about twice every three years and it’d been two years, I thought. 4,462 more words