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Ready Players Play Jak II - Part 1

Yo dudes, it’s time to get hyped as Ready Players plays through the edgiest and most radical game of the early 2000s: Jak II! This episode, join Tristan, Brady, and Jack as they take their first steps into this dark and totally not kid-friendly world to escape from prison and save an old man from getting popped by the mech-police! 56 more words


Weekly pick-ups: Week 136!

I can never pass up a good deal, even when I already have too many games to play. So when I saw a ‘5 for €20’ deal you know what happened. 100 more words


Alleged Mistress Offers A Tearful Apology To Cardi B

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Cardi B says her marriage is over and maybe heading for a divorce. So why is the side chick crying and giving a tearful apology to Cardi B. 124 more words


For the Record... Michigan: Report From Hell (2004), developed by Grasshopper Manufacture

After three full playthroughs I have come to many conclusions – not least of which being that Michigan: Report From Hell is a shoddy game that happens to incorporate many interesting ideas. 934 more words


Cardi B Says Her Marriage Is Over

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In video post Cardi B says “she and her husband Offset Are No Longer Together: It Might Take Time to Get a Divorce.” Cardi took Instagram to share that she’s been “trying to work things out” with her husband for some time, but they haven’t been able to get it together. 68 more words