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Before I get into it, I just want to say, I’m a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy XIV and have been since later 2013. If you don’t know much of anything about FFXIV, it is a MMORPG game thats been released for Playstation 3, PC and Playstation 4. 291 more words

The worst jumpscare!

I have just been playing Dying Light for the very first time!

My headset on, I am engrossed with the free-running, zombie infested world!

I creep ever slowly to avoid being spotted by the night hunters! 32 more words

Final Fantasy XV Director says "The end is closer than we think" + New Trailer

Above is the new trailer that was recently released, which has incredibly impressive interaction between the native wildlife. In my opinion, it seems as if we should set ourselves up to start exploring a massive world; so long as it wasn’t just portrayed that way in the trailer. 353 more words

The Order: 1886 Review: Window Dressing

In the first chapter of The Order: 1886, Galahad — the player character — slowly walks through a beautiful and meticulously crafted environment. You can see smoke plumes billowing off nearby roofs and dried paint cracking under the sun. 1,025 more words


Zombie Army Trilogy - Zombie Death to the next level !

Who is buying it ? It has more gameplay modes than The Order 1886 ! ( Gab,Gab) I would like to play this in CO-OP .

PC Software

A Disappointing Destiny

When this game was first announced I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It quickly became one of my most anticipated titles to date. 1,175 more words


Musical and strategic bliss - Transistor: PS4

Seen as I’m in the middle of playing several games right now I’m going to concentrate on the isometric action game Transistor, to be the first one I try to tick off the list. 761 more words