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Review: Yakuza 0

In Yakuza 0: Hos Before Bros, you play as Kazuma “My fists cure inebriation” Kiryu and Goro “Learned breakdancing in five seconds” Majima. Both explore separate open worlds, beating the snot out of the local population, engaging in wacky mini-games, building their skills RPG-style, and progressing through an intertwining storyline about an overlooked nook of real estate, its rightful owner, and a hit job surrounding it. 389 more words


Review: Blue Reflection PS4

This game is beautiful! Blue Reflection is an RPG developed by Gust Co. Ltd. It was published by Koei Tecmo in March 2017 in Japan for the PS4 and PSVita, and was released in September 2017 in North America and Europe for the PS4 and Microsoft Windows. 766 more words


Need for Speed Payback Install Size Revealed, And It’s Surprisingly Small

These days we’re all used to the fact that most major games are huge hard drive hogs. This is particularly true for racing games – the recently-released Gran Turismo Sport requires over 50 GB, and the PC version Forza Motorsport 7 gobbles up nearly 100 GB. 147 more words

WWE 2K18: 7 Biggest Disappointments

2K desperately needed WWE 2K18 to be a raging success that carried the series forward. The developers can boast all the gameplay tweaks or customisation options they want (and those are plentiful), but long-time fans want to see something fresh and inventive. 137 more words

Briefiew - The Bunker

Does the acronym FMV mean anything to you? It was a marketing buzzword like any other and it meant Full Motion Video. That “technique” consisted basically in filming real actors and making an interactive piece around it. 714 more words


Frozen Wilds will be The Only DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games officially announced that Frozen Wilds will be the last DLC.

Fan named Based Beest asked via twitter if there will be any more DLC for the game, and… 14 more words


Review : South Park The Fractured but Whole

Developer : Ubisoft San Fransico

Publisher : Ubisoft

Released : October 17th 2017

   ‘Member the Stick of Truth? Ohhh that RPG from South Park? I ‘member! 813 more words