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Ni No Kuni II - Japanese Audio

Story of a young king, Evan, who is kicked out of his castle and made a promise to start a new kingdom where everyone could live happily ever after. 81 more words

Pc Gaming

It shouldn’t take me 45 minutes to browse the PS Store and checkout a $3 game. PSN load times are atrocious.

Just picked up This Is the Police. Load times are slow for everything (Profile, PS+, Library, etc.), but how could it be so hard to take my money? 36 more words



My thoughts on…

I have been curious about this game ever since its release — and I am just getting to it now. I know, I know. 597 more words


A Sequel Reborn (Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom)

There’re some experiences that people come to expect when they play the sequel of a game: Same or familiar characters, similar but upgraded combat styles, basically the same bare bones as the original with a lot more meat thrown on for added flavor. 1,981 more words



God of War released on the 20th April this year, and received critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Many already claiming it to be Game Of The Year, and being one of the best games to come out this generation. 2,019 more words


Kratos - God of selfies

By Neil Merrett

It is a telling sign of the modern world that our near ubiquitous online connectivity is increasingly impacting all elements of how we socialise, entertain, amuse and even get ourselves off. 949 more words


Paladins Isn't Ready For Release

I recently started playing Paladins because it “released”, however it really wasn’t ready for it, and I didn’t even need to play the beta to know that. 882 more words