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Pasadena Society of Artists October Exhibition

The annual Pasadena Society of Artists October exhibition is scheduled for the month of October at the Pasadena Central Library. The show runs from 1 October through 30 October and may be viewed during the regular library hours. 198 more words

Mixed Media

National Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Day is today!

Psoriatic arthritis is a diseases that is not as well known as other arthritic diseases you read about but the results of it are horrible and take a toll on people lives, both physically and mentally. 206 more words


The best laid plans

The chemo seemed to be following a pattern. The first 10 or 11 days would be steadily downhill with a variety of side effects, many of which were starting to feel familiar, as though I was an old hand at all this despite only having had my first treatment less than 2 months ago. 575 more words


"Mr. T's Be Somebody...or Be Somebody's Fool" (1984)

Once upon a time, a burly black man with a Mohawk captured the hearts of white people everywhere. Mr. T, a former bouncer and bodyguard, met with almost instant stardom thanks to the success of  1,640 more words

This One's For The Children

So The Debate Happened Last Night...

…and we didn’t learn a thing!

This was them:

This was us:

This was us when they said “Let’s talk race:”

This was Lester when he was off-camera: 92 more words


My Poly is Not Your Poly

Poly vs Polyamory

I’m going to be using ‘poly’ here as a catch-all umbrella term for all of ethical non-monogamy. ‘Ethical non-monogamy’ doesn’t really roll off the tongue; it’s long and clunky and the concept of ethics is touchy and subjective. 1,504 more words

Shut Up Bri