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How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.

Psalms 119:103


Psalm 119:28-32

 This is one of those prayers I should have ingrained into my spirit. Praying the psalms is a good, disciplined practice… and, let’s face it, we are all going through something. 630 more words


For those interested...

I have begun a study on Psalm 119. As I go through this chapter (of like 176 verses of shear awesomeness…) There is so much in this psalm that is worth pondering over and exploring their depths. 236 more words

The Bible

Psalm 119:25-27

I can relate to the psalmist this morning when he says…

“I lie in the dust; revive me by your word (vv.25, NLT).”

My anxiety-filled heart leaves me lying in the gutter (or dust). 559 more words


Hope for the Helpless Bible Reader

In reading through Psalm 119, it struck me how many of the verses of this song are cries of helplessness and longing, not the triumphant shouts of arrival. 260 more words

Scripture Observations

Psalm 119:21-24

David’s Prayer

God has corrected those who are infected with arrogance. David, not only acknowledges this, he goes on in his prayer to his Maker – to say they are cursed. 824 more words


Chasten Us, oh Lord

A prayer excerpt, from Charles Spurgeon, that I read this afternoon. His prayers challenge me and help me go deeper in my relationship with Christ. And so I share this with you in hopes that you too will continue to search out your relationship with God in Jesus and go deeper and deeper with him. 104 more words