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Meditation Starters

We are encouraged by Holy Mother Church to meditate, but sometimes it is hard to know when or how to begin. I offer the following as being perhaps helpful places to start. 131 more words

Why worry?

Are you a worrier?

One of the strange little things I remember from my childhood is the “worry stone”.  It was a piece of polished white stone that had a concave indentation in it, that, I was told, one could rub one’s thumb in as a means of passing the time while worrying.  312 more words

Encouragement From The Word

Don`t think too much about God: Let God happen to you

I sat by the man`s hospital bedside with a strange mixture of emotions. “You know, Vicar”, he said. “I`m not sure I really believe any of this”. 1,205 more words

This Sunday


There are many today who, if they speak of God at all, refer to him almost like a folklore or something out of their childhood which still brings a bit of comfort and nostalgia, much like visiting a childhood home or finding a childhood doll or stuffed animal.  1,850 more words


Discovering Jesus

Reading with the Pastor (on Memorial Day)
Matthew 5-7  and  Psalm 34

Matthew’s gospel emphasized Jesus’ teaching. We have finished Matthew and on Thursday will start into Mark. 191 more words

Monday Is For Prayer