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Psalm 83 - Is It about to Happen?

In 2014 I wrote a 4 part series of articles titled 26¬†Signs on the Lord’s Soon Return. It isn’t that these signs have not happened throughout history but, that they all are happening together right now, and in ever increasing frequency. 927 more words


Time is Coming

There have been certain Scriptures that have been on my mind recently. Because of the turmoil in the Middle East these days, these verses are on my mind. 966 more words


Psalm 83: A Psalm of Action in the Midst of Evil

Do me a favor and please read Psalm 83.

As I read through this psalm what strikes me is this long list of these allied nations against the psalmist (vs 5-11). 1,027 more words

Psalm Reflections

day 32 (trek 2): put a psalm in my heart

We have four psalms to read and sketch today: Psalm 82-85.

Morning. Psalm 82. I’ll illustrate a weak person, a bent over stick figure using a cane. 158 more words


GAZA - So Much for Land for Peace...


I will be monitoring events in Israel and GAZA throughout the weekend. This is deliberate on the part of the so-called Palestinians, which by the way is a modern invention as there are no such people apart from the rest of the Arab population.
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L. A. Marzulli

War Games in Israel

It’s an article written by Gareth Davies and published on JEWSNEWS on March 19, 2018.


Thousands of US troops are taking part in war games with Israeli soldiers in a simulation of an attack on the country by Iran. 223 more words


Lent 3

The chambers of my heart are open for God to fly in. For there is an altar here to his name, and like the sparrow in the psalm he comes to make his nest before it. 37 more words

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