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Less Self-Praise, Less Self-Confidence, More Praise To God, More Confidence In Him

“My heart is confident, O God. My heart is confident … I want to give thanks to You among the people, O Lord. I want to make music to praise you among the nations because your mercy is as high as the heavens.  56 more words


Great Fear, Greater Faith - In The Great God

“Even when I am afraid, I still trust You” (Psalm 56:3).

There’s a battle going on. Fear is threatening to take control of us. Faith is rising up. 34 more words


A Great Testimony

“I call on God, and the Lord saves me” (Psalm 55;16).

What a great testimony this is! Calling upon the Lord – This is looking away from ourselves. 32 more words


Help - And Hope

“God is my helper” (Psalm 54:4). 

The Lord is my helper. He is also my hope. We are no longer helpless and hopeless. The Lord helps us, and He gives us hope. 


From Above - Not From Below

“If only salvation would come from Zion” (Psalm 53:6).

Salvation comes from above – not from below; from the Lord – not from ourselves.


Beyond Death - The Eternal God

“God has proved that He is a stronghold … This God is our God forever and ever. He will lead us beyond death” (Psalm 48:3,14). 17 more words


The Glory Of God - It's All Around Us.

“The heavens declare the glory of God … ” (Psalm 19:1).

Look around you. Lift up your eyes. Look to the Lord. Catch a glimpse of His glory, and say, “Thank You, Lord.”