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eHopeful Part 4: Crash Landing

“I can’t believe that was you in those pictures,” Frank slurred from the passenger seat of my car. We were sitting outside of my parents’ house after a night of playing cards with my family, where drinks had been flowing. 743 more words

Wipe The Drool

Four Valentines

There are many ways to say “I love you.”


Stress in College

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In this video it talks about how college students are stress. it then goes on to give solutions and ways for those students to deal with their stress on campus. 30 more words


PSA on Wellness

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This video is about smoking. It gives you statistics about how smoking can affect you. At the end of the video it gives you a phone number to call and a website you can go to if you want to quit now.  21 more words


Eat More Fruits

This video is about eating more fruit. It is important to eat more fruit because they are rich it vitamins. If you eat them on a daily basis than you will get your recommended serving of those vitamins. 25 more words