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Serfing the net

At the risk of being branded a Luddite, I find it astonishing that many people can have a grasp of IT gadgets but absolutely no practical, political, geographical, scientific or historical knowledge of the real world – or any ability to think beyond how to achieve short term personal gain. 646 more words

Eco-wittering is the new rock and roll (or “Toxic sludge is good for you”)

I see there is a biodiversity column in today’s local paper. The first article is devoted to beekeeping.

Oh joy. More eco-wittering: different excuse. Why do they bother? 563 more words

Did you miss me?

Right after my last upbeat entry on Jan 2nd, this year became an Annus Horribilis in which there has been no respite. Way too personal to go into here, but at work, at home and elsewhere horrible stuff came out of nowhere that had to be dealt with. 703 more words

Hitch cock

It used to be a fair bet that if you saw an article in a reputable magazine by someone with the surname Hitchens it would be stimulating, and perhaps very funny. 892 more words

I read the news today, oh boy

I almost started reading something in the local newspaper today. Thankfully I saw an obvious trigger word in the headline and stopped, but not before gleefully spotting a new weekly example of government sock-puppetry. 556 more words