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Pseudo-science & Idealist Metaphysics

Rongqing Dai, Ph.D.

The spread of the modern science to the world was accompanied by a pejorative term, pseudo-science, which basically refers to anything that would claim to be effective but indeed violate the known scientific principles (and thus deemed as ineffective), among which quite a big portion are theories concerning non-physical causes for physical (or chemical) movements (or changes), such as psychological power or numerological power, etc; in the meantime, from 19th century (when the movement of promoting science around the world was at its peak) to the beginning of 21st century, scholars from the academia of philosophy and professionals from the scientific community launched a century long attack on what they called the metaphysical idealism or idealist metaphysics, and one of the major allegations against metaphysics was its so-called unchanging and disconnecting views about nature and the world. 1,339 more words


Health Care vs Big Pharma Wealth Care!?

Are you going to ‘rag on’ the American Health Care System again!?

Of course!

It’s so much needed fun.


After decades of arrogant

‘god-like complex’ doctor…

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A Scientific Proof- Heaven,Hell and Earth are Same?

The beauty of science is that most people don’t understand it

You are aware Prof B___ S____ (Prof BS in short) has been well known for publication of several scientific and philosophical papers. 837 more words


Economic pseudo-science 

One of the ‘mysteries’ of the modern era is the failure of economic theories. The neo-classical brand is especially dubious and suffers a kind of ‘physics’ envy that makes i…

Source: Economic pseudo-science – Darwiniana

God, I Just Don't Care

Ever said that?

“I don’t care, Lord. I cannot come up with anything to even get off this bed.”

You may have said it the moment you opened your eyes this morning. 1,070 more words

Know God

She Has Come For Your Uncool Niece

I had no idea who Marianne Williamson is before Thursday night’s Democratic debate. But I have seen Marianne Williamson before. We all have.

We’ve been seeing her for nearly thirty years, occupying that liminal space that is marginal but still mainstream, crank but still credible in the post-kombucha world. 900 more words