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Evolving Patentable Subject-Matter

As we are heading towards the core of 21st century, Biotechnology is revolutionizing our lives like never before. Consequently, ‘patents’ associated with biotechnological aspects have emerged as pivotal tools in shaping up the society- technologically, industrially and ethically. 641 more words


Bacteria utilizing caffeine offers big potential in industry

I bet you could be drinking coffee as you read this, or possibly soda or tea. What about something with chocolate? These tasty food and drinks all contain… 367 more words

The first caffeine-'addicted' bacteria

Contact: Michael Bernstein m_bernstein@acs.org 202-872-6042 American Chemical Society

Some people may joke about living on caffeine, but scientists now have genetically engineered E. coli bacteria to do that — literally. 325 more words

Virus Engineering ( Unclassified )

Plant-bacteria relationships a-maize scientists

Many of us have seen the adverts trying to convince us that there are ‘good bacteria’ that we should be making the most of in yogurty, pro-biotic drinks to help keep our guts healthy. 425 more words


Come addestrare il tuo batterio

Le bioplastiche sono essenzialmente il prodotto della lavorazione di zuccheri di origine vegetale. Quelli finora utilizzabili sono però solo una frazione di quelli contenuti negli scarti organici di origine agricola e in quelli provenienti dalla produzione di alimenti. 409 more words


Gulf Disaster, “Natural Barrier of Our Skin is Gone”

I think you’ll find this very interesting and can give you some insight on what is the cause of our condition. Watch the video … 406 more words