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Arrogant would be an incorrect descriptor of the author; however, bored to tears would suffice in describing the overall gist of writing to an imaginary audience. 44 more words

To use a pseudonym, or not to use a pseudonym? That is the question!


Recently i’ve spoken to many of my fellow author friends on Twitter and Facebook on the topic of  whether or not to use a  pseudonym (a pen name) for one’s writing. 602 more words

A History of Noms de Plume

I just had to share this infographic!

This stuff is fascinating.  Obviously I knew some of these facts – but I still learned SO much by reading this. 46 more words


The personal tab

On the first page of this website I told you a bit more about myself…

Wife and lover…

Mother, daughter, grandmother…

Sister and sister-in-law…

Friend and colleague… 197 more words


The First Busy Week

This week has been incredibly busy.  I’m even shocked at the fact that I even have time to post this.  However, my brain needs a break and I need to re-cap before it all fades into the past. 900 more words

A pseudonym protection fallacy

There’s various reasons for maintaining a degree of anonymity online by using a pseudonym but there’s also some far fetched claims about the protection it provides. 246 more words

The Standard

Nicknames Make an Interesting Writer Block Breaker

 We at Reflective Writer and CrossDove Writer figure all writer’s never have enough ideas to draw from so we again continue our 3x/week Writer Block Breakers. 222 more words

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