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First things first:

“Rita Noelle” is a pseudonym.

Ever since I was old enough to navigate the Internet on my own, I’ve worn a few masks. They’ve mostly been exaggerations of who I was at the time, made out to be funnier or cleverer or more interesting than I was in real life. 301 more words


"'Chance' is the pseudonym of God when He did not want to sign."---Theophile Gautier, French poet

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Sound of 2017: Pseudonym

The casual, glorious indie-rock solo project of Paul Desjarlais, whose mixup of various vintage decade sounds and psychedelic influences will serve to remind you of artists such as Zombies and the Flaming Lips. 137 more words


Putting Faces to Names

Those who puts themselves “out there” in a public sphere must share at least one concern — identity.

In other words, Who You Are and What You Represent. 313 more words


YA Nibbles Part 1

My brain is a pitiful creature pulled in a dozen directions at once, and I’m finally ready to give one of them a true voice alongside Sam Argent. 159 more words

Love All You Can

A love once lost you can never get back,
But I did hope that he would.
Come back from where he was-
To the time before he passed. 70 more words


Introducing Me

Well well well…

I am back. Still around? Whichever. I have a blog up and running (okay tbh this is my third or fourth attempt at a blog. 547 more words