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Real or Fake Names

James knew who the person was, but the person had at least two other names. So, James decided to call his old buddy to find out why. 174 more words

Facebook ordered to allow pseudonyms by privacy watchdog

Good news for every Little Miss Hot Mess and Jemmaroid von Laalaa out there: a German privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to allow users to take out accounts under pseudonyms. 554 more words



What’s in a Name?  I asked myself this question not too long ago, reasoning that the name Brenda Poulos might not be so memorable. Maybe I’d need something shorter, flashier, similar to some other well-known person… I’d piggy-back off of their fame… 367 more words


Second Anniversary Of Staring In The Stars

Today is the second anniversary of my blog, Staring In The Stars. It’s unbelievable that two years ago today, I started this website as a diary to document my thoughts and feelings about my health. 345 more words

Epilepsy Blog

Laudable, But The Rhetoric is a Disservice

Prep is a potential lifesaver,
like a wonder drug.
How come every person doesn’t know this?
Better information and stronger first steps:
the treatment cascade. 146 more words

Creative Writing

WRITE, DAMN YOU *Stewie Griffin Voice*

Ok, so I’ve been faffing around.
Scratch that, no I haven’t. I’ve been working for cash dollah for 50 hours a week. Soooo… I’ve been faffing about writing-wise. 961 more words

Epidermot O'Hoolahan


Many people choose to use a pseudonym for many reasons. Some people do it for privacy, while others do it to become someone, or something else. 251 more words