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"Is this a telemarketer?"

I was on the first line of a new book that I have procrastinated writing; since first deciding to write this book I have written three others. 167 more words


Who do you think you are, George Orwell?

(Having published five short stories (one of them twice!) its fairly important that I make an arse of myself by drawing a comparison between George Orwell and, well, moi.) 1,251 more words

Well, this is interesting...

I’ve been trying to think of something that might make a good first post. Perhaps it isn’t a good sign for times ahead that this is the best I can think of. 855 more words

Musings & Personal

Author Name Change

My blog author name was once R.3.I.G.N. (Reaching 3veryone In God’s Name) and I still have the desire to reach others in God’s name, but I have been feeling this tug on my heart to come up with a pseudonym name that displays matureness through God, I got to thinking how you stick Pyrex ware in the oven and how God places us through the fire to purify us… So it just makes sense to me, to use the pseudonym name Pyr3x because God has placed me through quite a few fires in my life to mature my soul mind and body. 26 more words


Author vs. Writer

Authors and writers are one and the same, are they not? After all, your favorite author is the genius writer of your favorite novel, right? You may be surprised to learn that some professionals dislike being labeled a writer because they are, in fact, the author of a literary work. 498 more words

Indie Authors

Droplets of Verse: 'How To Get Stinking Rich With Help From a Tory MP'

He wrote a book guaranteed to make anyone stinking rich
Grant Schapps used a pseudonym, Michael Green
A fictional person who became real, who couldn’t just vanish… 46 more words



… And already, before you’ve even finished this first sentence, I have misled you. The name on this blog Brooks Gervais, is a pseudonym. I am telling you this upfront because I wish to write anonymously. 2,059 more words

Preacher's Kid