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The timid team of pseudonyms you can never know

It’s telling to note that the moderators at chookwatch sites are still using the same pseudonym.

They all list themselves as chookwatcher.

So no one can know who is actually commenting, writing articles, or providing the criticism they are now famed for. 673 more words


Summer evening, babes and pseudonyms

An evening in the park and along the canal with Jonny. And ice cream.

AAAALL the babes in Victoria Park

E.M Cocks

The Reason For Blowing Smoke

I’m in the mood to spill some dirt today. I’m going to blow my own whistle – a statement which, in hindsight, carries way more innuendo than is appropriate for a book blog, but whatever. 1,019 more words


The Lone Architect

Names have power. I didn’t understand why at the time,  but I learnt that from one of my favorite fiction series as a kid. When you think of the name of someone, you immediately associate certain attributes to them. 948 more words


Begin Again

I thought of starting another blog under a different pseudonym but my attempts were not successful. It’s not that I cannot get enough viewers but I just can’t bring myself to upload my latest writing for reasons that I cannot figure out. 266 more words

Share Your World 2016 - Week 28

I hate missing SYW posts but somehow I got so busy with an author rebranding and major writing that I missed a week because these questions are for Week 28. 491 more words

Share Your World