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am (23/June/18)

not one but two, not two but three, three names I have, maybe four, could there be more, how can I be sure I wondered now and then before, not one but two but three but four and maybe more… there’s the name I never was so instead became the compromise I am… there’s the nicknames that’ve dogged me through the years though most left littering the verges of a past misspent, not many though they are, they are and have been and will ever be until…there’s my pseudonyms, surely not my names at all except they are too, become integral to the time, the place, the when and where behind which lay this very same face, some young, some old, some older still onward into footsteps taken… there’s two for my first and not three as some assume and much to my chagrin some do… but am I my name or is my name me?… have I become it or have I made it fit me like a glove, let it burrow into me, wound itself inextricably until the seam is near-invisible, does it grow and age and die just the same as I do?… does it stumble awkwardly from my mouth or from the lips of others?… when I hear it, even after all these years of being me and still am me, it still sounds strange… how often do I use it, this thing, this tag, this label, this flag, what is mine, my own, me, my name?… rarely… and to this day still feels strange to hear myself say it, something I avoid at all costs when possible… am I am who I am who my name tells me I am?… my name, names, the one, the two, the three, the four and even maybe more where the bones are buried underneath the floor…

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Death of an Unnecessary Pseudonym

I created a pseudonym for the classic reason: not enough markets. There several prose humor markets but not many in the grand scheme of things and sometimes I’m sitting around waiting for my various submissions to move through the slush before I can submit again. 218 more words

Short Stories

What Did You Call Me?

Have you heard of these authors?

  • Robert Galbraith
  • J.D. Robb
  • Anne Rampling
  • Richard Bachman

They are all authors you know well, but you can’t place their names. 486 more words

Ally Thomas

Using a Pen Name: pros, cons and finding the right name \\ Writing with Marrill 003

I use a pen name if you didn’t know.

I have since I started my original blog if any of you remember that, and I changed names a few times before finally finding the right one and I’ve been using it for about two years. 644 more words


Welcome Back? Update on My Life


It’s been forever since I have last updated on this blog. The last time I updated was around a year ago? I know I did give a disclaimer about updating on random spurs of the moments. 406 more words


Why I Decided Not to Use a Pseudonym (Even Though I'm a Girl)

I’m going to be straight up with you. I’m a girl. Female. Woman. However you want to say it. And I write a lot of fantasy. 658 more words

Alyssa Roat

Why "Joyful2beeblogs"?

Writing became a voice for me several years ago. I was a member of a group which was part of a television station’s website. We became cyber neighbors” who shared, supported, helped and often made each other laugh.  723 more words