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YA Nibbles Part 1

My brain is a pitiful creature pulled in a dozen directions at once, and I’m finally ready to give one of them a true voice alongside Sam Argent. 159 more words

Love All You Can

A love once lost you can never get back,
But I did hope that he would.
Come back from where he was-
To the time before he passed. 70 more words


Introducing Me

Well well well…

I am back. Still around? Whichever. I have a blog up and running (okay tbh this is my third or fourth attempt at a blog. 547 more words


A typical bah humbug moment from chookwatcher cops a rebuke

Funny, funny. Chookwatcher rebuked itself this week over a comment made by one of the many moderators using the same chookwatcher pseudonym.

That is, it would be funny if it weren’t so typical of the bad-tempered way in which dissenting commenters are treated when they criticise the critics over at the… 1,031 more words


Shift 29: Paperwork

This year, I’ve got a packful of stuff I’ve got to do. Sometimes, I miss the easy days when I only had to worry about what I’d eat and where I’d sleep and would I be warm enough. 1,101 more words



Question: Is having a stable of pennames normal or should I see someone about this pseudonym excess?

Since I’ve already got a psychiatrist on the payroll maybe I should toss this issue his way? 68 more words


Ugh, Warriors: The Prophecies Begin

I am not a fan of this series.

If the young people in your life really like reading stories about cats fighting each other and hunting things in the woods, then I would strongly recommend this series. 273 more words