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An Author by any Other Name...

There are plenty of writers out there who use a pseudonym instead of their real name, and maybe you’re wondering if you should do the same. 560 more words


Pseudonyms Part 2 - Protecting Yourself

Continuing last week’s discussion on pseudonyms, this post will cover the legal reasons some authors chose a pen name


In the past, when a creator signed up with an agent or publishing company, that entity would have sole access to future projects for a number of years (usually five, but sometimes the contracts lasted for 20 years). 654 more words


Should I Be Afraid to Publish My Name?, Vol. 2

I had never considered using a pen name. Not really.

I don’t know why.

Maybe vanity. Maybe I wanted my name out there so everyone I went to high school with would see that I’d finally done something with my life. 471 more words

Being Human

Pseudonyms - to use or not to use?

This past weekend I’ve attended the online Claytons Conference through Romance Writers of Australia. They always hold a face to face conference too (this year it was in Melbourne) but not everyone can attend, hence why they do an online version. 618 more words


Chance meetings

This morning I bumped into a guy. Okay, I didn’t really bump into him. I was sitting in a coffee shop, he walked in and across the cappuccinos he yelled:- 128 more words


What's in a Pseudonym?

I have made a name to use with the free-writing I spout on this blog.

By jigging around the nickname given to me as a child by my dad, I was able to make a cosy name for myself because the sound of the name makes me feel loved. 193 more words


The Cuckoo's Calling (CBR7 #64)

I had every intention of reviewing The Cuckoo’s Calling as if I didn’t know that it was written by J.K. Rowling. But, I can’t. I do know, and more than that the book’s true authorship shows on the page. 402 more words