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HOWTO: Set Logon as a Service Dynamically via GPO

I recently ran into a situation where a client has a group per server for Administrators, Remote Desktop Users, and hopefully, Service Accounts.  This may or may not be the best way of dealing with this, but it does solve a need by moving user access to AD vs configuration on local servers.  It’s a little easier to centralize and manage by administrators that may have access to AD but not the servers themselves (eg: HelpDesk users).  The problem, as indicated below, is that setting the rights for the service account/groups has been getting done manually to the systems as they are built or needed.  This has resulted in inconsistencies, as one might expect.  So I found a way to standardize and bring it all “back up to code”, as it were. 1,153 more words


Remotely Install and Uninstall MSI applications silently

Hi All,

This time I will show you something I use rather often in my day life as well at me work too.
It is a very popular and old method for deploying applications and for sure it is not the best one. 348 more words

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Export current IIS worker process requests remotely

Hello friends,

At my regular job I often receive tasks that are very specific and solutions are rare.
Few months ago I received such an interesting task to export the current IIS worker process requests remotely from few servers and make the task run every 5 minutes. 219 more words

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Running in the name of...

During my last post I briefly discussed the issues related to the execution context of the chef-client when developing and testing cookbooks. To summarize: on a windows machine the chef-client runs under the context of the local system account, an account which basically is a local admin but has almost no permissions on other Active Directory joined/secured objects ( such as other machines, Active Directory itself or file shares). 421 more words

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Start a batch file in interactive mode in SCCM Task Sequence

Start a batch file in interactive mode in SCCM Task Sequence.

psexec.exe -accepteula -s -i 1 -d C:\windows\temp\install.cmd

I use it for AutoIT scripts which need interaction. 12 more words


Running as SYSTEM

Scripts/Actions are often run in the SYSTEM context when making changes to a client, but a SYSTEM account occasionally does not act like a user account (even a user with administrative rights). 129 more words

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Method to run process on remote machine using WMI/PSEXEC and C#

The method below can run the process on a remote machine using WMI
*Note: It does not initiates the process visibly on the desktop screen whereas starts as a hidden process. 438 more words