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PsExec Access Denied Problem Solution

when we try to run remote programs from local system this error saying “Access Denied” may come. To overcome this, you have to add a registry key. 48 more words

Access Denied

psexec using a local admin account to a UAC enabled system

To protect users across the network, Windows UAC imposes token restrictions on local administrators logging in via the network (using the net use \\computer\\c$ share for example). 230 more words


Collect from remote computers with PowerShell, WinRM

$computers = Get-Content .\serverlist.txt

Invoke-Command -computername $computers -FilePath .\getiscsi.ps1 | out-file C:\PSTools\iscsicollectrun.txt

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $computers -ScriptBlock {Test-WSMan} | out-file C:\PSTools\serverswithwinrmon.txt

Turn on/off WinRM on computers remotely psexec @c:\pstools\serverlist.txt -c -d powershell.exe “enable-psremoting -force”

Auto deploying a site after a successful Jenkins build

I found myself wanting to have a test site auto deploy once the tests on our continuous integration server had passed.
The reason for this is so that the new Selenium tests I wrote for the site would always be running against the latest version. 159 more words


Remote logins are currently disabled.

Our monitoring systems reported errors with a terminal server. I tried remote desktop and received the following error:

Remote logins are currently disabled.

Someone with administrator access disabled the logins with the change logon command. 54 more words


PSEXEC Remote command software install

psexec \\BRGWDS02 cmd /c msiexec /i \\BRGWDS02\sep12x64\sep64.msi


How to Hack Your Way into SQL Server

I work on a lot of different customer’s computers.  And once in a while I find a SQL Server that nobody knows the SA password and it is not in our database of passwords.  397 more words

Hack SQL Server