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Terminal server session disabled

Sometimes, when you are trying to do RDP,  you can see the error: terminal server session disabled. You will not be able to do anything remotely with the server, especially from Server Manager – you will see Kerberos authentication error message. 91 more words


Regain Admin Access to SQL Server

The Scenario

A user in my domain, Colin Casio, has a SQL Server 2008R2 instance running with Mixed Mode Authentication.

The Problem

Somehow Colin’s Windows account login got deleted by a user logged in as the sa account. 329 more words


Allowing PSEXEC on Windows 10 PCs


PSEXEC is nice little command line utility that I’ve had to use for many years now in managing and troubleshooting Windows PCs remotely. Psexec is part of the PSTOOLS collection by the famed Mark Russinovich. 257 more words


Open and close a process with Powershell

Short script to open notepad.exe (can be any process you want to open) on either your local machine or a remote machine and then kill the process. 179 more words


Running Process Explorer as SYSTEM

Brief Intro

This little “hack” can actually be applied to any executable, and therefore is simultaneously very powerful and very dangerous. Be extremely careful with performing this procedure. 215 more words


PsExec Access Denied Problem Solution

when we try to run remote programs from local system this error saying “Access Denied” may come. To overcome this, you have to add a registry key. 48 more words

Access Denied