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Why is the industry such vulnerable against WannaCry and NotPetya style attacks? Part II.

16 July 2017

In part one of this post I discussed the impact of the aging IT infrastructure on the industry’s vulnerability against WannaCry and NotPetya style attacks. 1,024 more words


Get Default Gateway...Change Default Gateway

Sometimes, people change things. Sometimes people change subnets and default gateways and you aren’t allowed to inflict serious physical or emotional pain on them like a vengeful senior team member. 164 more words

Disable Automatic Maintenance using PSEXEC

I had this exact same problem as the post describes. VM’s were laggy and cpu was at 100%, the culprit was “TiWorker.exe” , which is auto maintenance, not some nasty malware bug… But a ‘feature’ in Server 2012 and R2. 46 more words

Microsoft Server

Petya: disabling remote execution of psexec

This morning in response to reports of an outbreak of yet more malware I wrote a quick blog post on one way to stop the SysInternals psexec from being allowed to execute by using the Image File Execution Options registry key mechanism – see… 512 more words


Psexec is so much cooler than I thought

I had to do a little project a work and I have used psexec before but never really looked into it a whole lot. The issue is that we normally just xcopy stuff out and then execute it remotely with psexec. 87 more words