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Live your Dream (Motivational Video) 夢想.激勵人心的演說

Just to share a very inspiring motivational video from YouTube. Not sure which movie it is from. (any readers know, please comment below as I would be interested) 42 more words


PSLE - Pressurising Sorting and Labelling Exercise?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is something that almost every single student in Singapore has to go through. It is a rite of passage. A process that generates much angst, gnashing of teeth and beating of chest. 1,678 more words

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PSLE Week 46 Update

With the end of this week, BB & GG have actually completed their Primary school journey! This is a bitter-sweet moment, as my children are now officially teens. 747 more words

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PSLE Week 45 Update

The penultimate school week for the year and we are reaching the end of BB & GG’s primary school journey.  The past week, both children were busy preparing for their school year-end performance as well as a charity drive that the graduating class does in their school. 255 more words

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Whom vs Who: Why you need to know the difference

Would you use a hammer to drill a hole in a wall? I bet your answer is a loud and emphatic ‘no’. You can’t use a hammer to drill a hole, you need a drill. 358 more words


PSLE Week 44 Update

The children are having a blast, preparing for their year-end concert which happens next week. They went for another Learning Journey this week which was basically a swap of last week – so BB went to the National Museum and GG went to the Discovery Centre. 217 more words

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Don't let the sly subject-verb agreement trick you again!

Do you often find yourself throwing your hands up in defeat when attempting to figure out whether to use a singular or plural verb? The subject-verb agreement is often asked in the grammar MCQ section of your English paper 2 and thus, it is crucial that you understand it very well. 360 more words