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Preparing your child for PSLE

I am sure that there are lots of blog pages out there giving you advice about how to prepare your kid for PSLE. Well, I’m still penning this down because I found this list important for Big D. 2,058 more words

Big D

Is My Child A Visual Learner?

A visual learner is a student who learns best when information is presented visually.  Put simply, they remember information more easily when they have seen it.  524 more words


Being wealthy is key for student's turnaround?

There’s this story in The New Paper about how a young lady, Miss Melyssa Lim, changed completely after receiving her PSLE results. She scored 188 out of 300. 579 more words

Things I Care About

Rambling thoughts – Kids first day at school

Its the first week of school and parents are already complaining that the teachers are sending the children home with tons of homework – Pri 1 students included. 454 more words


Top PSLE scores - should they be celebrated?

If so, how should they be celebrated?

I refer to Chua Mui Hoong’s opinion piece titled “Top PSLE  scorers. take a bow”, published by The Sunday Times under Insight on 6th December 2015. 352 more words


Dear Parents,

I compiled this list based on feedback given by parents from the PSLE Parents – 2015 Facebook Group. The list is incomplete. If you know the COP for secondary schools that are not on the list, please leave a comment with the information and I will add it to the list. 431 more words


PSLE Reflections

I’ve been mulling about this post for a while now, contemplating whether or not to write what was in my mind. I’m not sure if I have any readers from Singapore and so whether this post will be of use to anyone. 999 more words