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The Modern Child

Disclaimer: this is a piece of satire (not autobiographical!), but then again definitely all art imitates life. The structure is a parody of Girl by Jamaica Kincaid… 944 more words


Adapting to rapid changes in the environment (Part 2)

Have you ever suffered from bedbug bites? Count yourself lucky if you haven’t.  Many still live with the misconception that bedbugs are a problem for the developing world or are a thing of the past but even big cities like New York City are increasingly having bedbug infestations, particularly in their hotels. 107 more words


Adapting to rapid changes in the environment (Part 1)

We all know that animals have the amazing ability to adapt to their surroundings in a variety of ways to ensure their survival. But what happens to animals when their environment alters rapidly in response to industrialisation or urbanisation? 187 more words


The Motivational Quotient

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Sarabjeet varies her class activities to keep her students motivated

What keeps children going? For Sarabjeet Kaur’s students, variety is the spice of their lives. 766 more words

Current Affairs

Model Essay Tips: An Adventure

Material suitability: Age 10 and above

This article shares some useful suggestions on how to write an interesting essay packed with vivid descriptions about An… 284 more words

Essay Writing

PSLE Composition Guide

Just like this featured image, a good essay requires careful planning and building.

You fail to plan, you plan to fail… 478 more words

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