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PSLE changes: Is grading system for pupils exempted from mother tongue unfair?

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Can I get my child exempted from mother tongue for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)? This question has been popping up in education forums after the recent announcement of changes to the PSLE scoring system, starting from 2021. 923 more words

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A short history of the PSLE: a system with intrinsic shortcomings

By now, everyone would have digested the recent changes to the PSLE. As propounded in excruciating detail by Jeff in his article on Proposed Changes to PSLE… 982 more words

What about pupils exempted from mother tongue?

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ST Senior Education Correspondent Sandra Davie answers your questions on the recently announced PSLE changes and Primary 1 registration.

PSLE changes

Q… 853 more words

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New PSLE System favors "All Rounders" over "Specialists"

The new PSLE system clearly favors “all-rounders” over “specialists”.

Scenario 1: Math-Whiz VS All-Rounder

Imagine a Math/Science-whiz with

Math:100 (AL 1)
Science: 98 (AL 1)

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Make room for non-academic achievements

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I agree that the latest change in the Primary School Leaving Examination grading system is a step in the right direction to reduce pressure on pupils chasing that final mark, and at the same time allow them to be meaningfully sorted for secondary school posting (“ 261 more words

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Changes to PSLE scoring make for a fairer system

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The changes to the Primary School Leaving Examination scoring system and how it will be used for admission to secondary schools are scientifically sound and practically sensible (“ 457 more words

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PSLE revamp: change or more of the same?

The recent revamp of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) scoring system is an attempt by the government to reduce competition and examination pressures. However, this change is arguably limited in revamping a status quo characterised by unhealthy competition and tuition-driven education culture. 1,131 more words