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PSLE Week 33 Update

The week ended with the PSLE Orals! Now that we have started, the pressure seems to be about 10% off. We’re down with 2 with 6 more to go… 147 more words


PSLE Week 32 Update

Another week has gone and now we are staring the PSLE in it’s face. This week, on Thursday and Friday, we have the PSLE Oral exams, English on Thursday and Hindi on Friday. 86 more words


Writing Skills: Analysis Exercise (I) - Answers

Two weeks ago, I posted an exercise and asked that you try figuring out what went wrong with two given paragraphs. In this post, I organise my thoughts into a detailed commentary on the sentences themselves. 423 more words

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How to best start preparing for the PSLE Examination?

How children fare in their PSLE will determine their choices in their secondary and tertiary studies, and potentially their future. Students who fare poorly in exams are more often than not failing to connect with the content they are being taught. 308 more words


PSLE Week 31 Update

This was a very short week for the kids in school. Because of the Jubilee Weekend, Friday was a holiday and Thursday was the National Day Observance ceremony which meant they were dismissed at 10 am. 112 more words


PSLE Week 30 Update

This week was the usual one, except that GG went for her DSA Auditions at the only school she applied for. BB was quite jealous since he didn’t make it to his schools, but she did! 194 more words


Writing Skills: Analysis Exercise (I)

In my last post, I talked about writing and rewriting. I also mentioned looking at other people’s work. Of course, it is nice to have model essays to study and emulate, but poorly written paragraphs can also serve as a good teacher so long as you can identify what is problematic about it. 254 more words

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