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PSLE Week 16 Update

The lull before the storm week – this is the last week BB & GG have before they start their SA1 (Semesteral Assessment 1) exams. Monday onwards they start the non-paper components – listening comprehension, composition for English and Mother Tongue (which they will sit out) and then the next week will be the oral exams after which the written exams start. 328 more words


Benefits of Studying Chinese

(Also posted at: https://chinesetuition88.wordpress.com/benefits-of-studying-chinese-2/)

Studying Chinese well has tremendous benefits from childhood all the way to adulthood. Here is a short list of the benefits of studying Chinese at all stages of life (with focus on the Singapore education system). 474 more words


Seeing Big D grow

I felt very sorry for Daniel when he finally emerged from SA1 Oral Exams this evening. In this primary school, Oral Examinations are held after school, starting 2pm. 565 more words


PSLE Week 15 Update

BB and GG finished their Hindi SA1 exams and they said it was only ok! Now I am scared – when they say it’s ok, it usually ends up in them failing the exam! 102 more words


English Tuition Tampines

English Tuition Centre in Tampines St 73 by top teachers. Ex-RJC, ACJC, TPJC and SAJC grad tutors conducting classes at Primary and Secondary MOE SEAB Syllabus English for PSLE and GCE O-levels.   323 more words

Tuition Tampines

PSLE Week 14 Update

Another week down and we are slowly inching towards the SA exams. GG & BB have their Hindi SA written exams next week and the other subjects will be in the end of the month. 133 more words


The over-testing of children in the UK... or soon to be.


I read this with interest, as I was schooled in Singapore’s education system in the 80s and 90s and even in those days, kids in school usually had 2 annual examination periods every year of their school life starting from Primary 1 (7 years old). 723 more words