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Writing Skills: Analysis Exercise (I)

In my last post, I talked about writing and rewriting. I also mentioned looking at other people’s work. Of course, it is nice to have model essays to study and emulate, but poorly written paragraphs can also serve as a good teacher so long as you can identify what is problematic about it. 254 more words

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Writing Skills: Writing and Rewriting

Last week, Time carried an article on improving one’s writing skills and proudly boasted “secrets” from Hollywood. There are at least two problems here:

  • Given the recent offerings from Hollywood, I wouldn’t really want to learn screenwriting from them.
  • 511 more words
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PSLE Week 28 Update

We are closing the PSLE Gap! Just about a month to the Orals and slightly more than 2 months to the final written exams!! Btw, BB thinks this is plenty of time. 167 more words


PSLE Week 27 Update

The PSLE just got more real for us! This week both BB & GG got their entry forms for the exam. They need to show this for all the PSLE exams. 308 more words


PSLE Writing versus Real Writing (Part 2)

In my last post, I talked about paying close attention to language. Today, we’ll look at how the Secondary curriculum tests your sensitivity to language. 350 more words

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