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Dear Ian,

On your PSLE ‘graduation’ you got your certificates and there were some performances as well. Back in my days, there weren’t such fanfare, but I guess over the years, we have learned a couple of things along the way in encouraging our children and developing a healthy self concept in a child. 827 more words

Everything Else In Between

Tips for PSLE   

For those of you parents out there who live in Singapore, where I used to live for the past 12 years, and have a child attending Primary School, you might know something called PSLE. 803 more words


PSLE 2017 results & new school

It’s the start of a new school year 2018!

My P6 gal did well enough for PSLE to enter RGS. It was a good effort by her and we are glad for her. 104 more words


School Choices

Dear Son

We were extremely happy that you did better than what we had expected and we are glad that you’re still coping well in your new Secondary School. 60 more words


Express vs Normal Academic for borderline PSLE score

For students scoring in the borderline of around 190- 200 PSLE score, there is a dilemma of going to Express stream in a neighborhood school, or Normal Academic N(A) in a more established school. 725 more words


Tessellations of Pentagons

Tessellation is a cool topic in primary level to PSLE math. Most students will enjoy it even if they hate other types of Math. It is a natural human instinct to be amazed at how different shapes can fit together perfectly to tile the plane. 68 more words


Appeal from RGS to NYGH (Success)

Just read that appealing to transfer from RGS (Raffles Girls School) to NYGH (Nanyang Girls High) is possible:

dd moved out of rgs to nygh. she got 262+2.

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