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Big D's journey with dyspraxia

Do you know what a “banding” room is? Well, at least, in the primary school where Big D and Little D attend, it’s the room where all the “a little bit not normal” kids go to take their exams. 1,629 more words


11 year old boy dead possibly due to exam results. Whose fault is it?

The news was an uncomfortable one to read.

A 11 year old boy (Primary 5), boy was found dead at the foot of his Sengkang block, just nine days after his 11th birthday.  752 more words


First Shot at PSLE Heuristics

Hello Mathaholics!

The very first assignment on SGMathaholic is here. You can download it here!

I confess the problems are challenging. But you are all mathaholics, so challenge yourself and have a go at the problems. 119 more words


This is a burden I do not mind bearing. We packed my Primary 6 books and notes and recycled them.

I also have some unused assessment papers. I will be donating those!

Dealing with exam stress

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The whole family pulls together

When Krysh Chainani, 12, finished his final paper for the Primary School Leaving Examination on Tuesday, he celebrated by playing video games, running around playing catch with his friends and watching three movies at home. 1,002 more words

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A sneak peak into how Madrasah students take the PSLE

This is the period where Primary 6 students (12 year olds) sweat and their parents have panic attacks.

The Primary School Leaving Examination is here and students take the exams that most in society think will shape the rest of their lives (get into good schools, land good jobs, marry beautiful partners, have beautiful children) only to find out that it is a load of rubbish too late in their life later on. 191 more words

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