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PSLE Week 19 Update

We’re almost done with the exams – with Science tomorrow to end the last SA1 in Primary school!

The rest of the month will be taken by school and then a month of holidays (which is going to be spent in school and other classes) before term 3 and prelims…. 109 more words


The Examination Burn Out

A quick check on Wikipedia, and I found out that “burnout” is “a psychologidal term that refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work.” 692 more words

Big D

PSLE Week 18 Update

BB and GG have been busy these days studying for their SA 1 written exams which start from next week. They have English on Wednesday, Maths on Thursday and Science the Monday after that. 113 more words


PSLE Week 17 Update

Finally a piece of good news this week! GG & BB got their Hindi SA1 results yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised with the results….GG passed (not by a lot, but she passed) and BB failed marginally…I now have some hope for the future. 69 more words


Extra time allocation for Chinese PSLE for Big D

Great news! We just received news from MOE that Big D will be granted special arrangements for taking his Chinese papers for PSLE. For both HCL and CL, he has been granted an additional 10 minutes for composition papers. 561 more words

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PSLE Week 16 Update

The lull before the storm week – this is the last week BB & GG have before they start their SA1 (Semesteral Assessment 1) exams. Monday onwards they start the non-paper components – listening comprehension, composition for English and Mother Tongue (which they will sit out) and then the next week will be the oral exams after which the written exams start. 328 more words