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PSN Flash Sale Has Some Killer Deals This Weekend

But what about the PlayStation Vita? I’m sure some of you still have the handheld and are wondering what Sony offered up for gamers who like the play on the go. Well, if you check…


'STRAFE' Trailer Finally Announces Release Date

The best shooter from not-quite-1996 finally comes to PC and PS4 this March. 173 more words


PS Store Flash Sale 75% OFF

Currently PS Store has a Flash sale with 75% of many titles for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, some of the titles are well known like TellTale The Walking Dead Season 1 for $4.99, Valiant Hearts: The Great War for $4.49, Limbo for $3.99 and many more, check… 9 more words

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Court: No, You Don't Have a Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy With Your PSN Account

How do you communicate with most of the folks in your life, these days? Is it face-to-face, or is it digital communication over someone else’s private service? 938 more words

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14 PS Vita Titles To Look Out For In 2017

Valkyria Revolution
  • When: 19th January 2017
  • Who: Media.Vision
  • What: Action RPG
  • Why: The sick pleasure of perma-death – but only safe in the knowledge you can keep playing after…
  • 414 more words

(PS1) Jumping Flash! review

The bonkers early 3D platformer with a twist is alive and well thanks to PSN – although it has aged a little worse than some titles from the same era, it still provides a very fun (if brief) blast of nostalgic gameplay. 1,299 more words


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Wedding Speech ~ Expert Tips

A few months back, acquiring my favorite lady’s garments, devices, shoes, bathtub, bed linens, and residential décor appear to me was a really expensive function. 808 more words