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About Fell Out Of My Chair

Okay, I’m not really sure how to take this, cause coming from my nephew anything out of his cake hole is 50-95% bull, but whatever. Since getting back into gaming on PC, leaving consoles behind, I’ve been happier and the reasons for going to the PC to game were and are my own, but above all there are less people to stress me out on computers. 190 more words


PlayStation Flash Sale Highlights

The latest monthly PSN Flash Sale is offering up some great discounts between now and February 20th. Here are some personal recommendations. 922 more words

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Who is ShadowGhoul?

Hello people of the Nerdum! I am the co-creater of The Nerd Chambers with the man, the myth, the legend… JaceRush. A little bit about me to start… I have a huge love for the world of fantasy such as Lord of the Rings and D&D. 237 more words


Flywrench Preview - Pluto Level Gameplay | PS4

Fans of the indie game Nidhogg should give developer Messhof’s latest game, Flywrench a look. Flywrench is a frenetic action game about piloting an aerobatic ship through the depths of space. 326 more words

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No Honor in For Honor?

For Honor, a game about 3 factions fighting for…..well….Honor but seems like Ubisoft doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the word Honor when it comes to grabbing money for a game that’s $60 for standard edition (no extra content), $70 for deluxe edition (exclusive day one content) and $100 for gold edition which includes everything plus season pass and usually, you would think that’s it. 269 more words


Loot Rascals Coming March 7th to PlayStation 4

Another game with a really interesting art style that will be coming out on March 7th is Loot Rascals. Created by Hollow Ponds, a team including an Adventure Time animator and Hohokum developers, Loot Rascals‘ intrepid astronauts explore a procedurally-generated planet filled with goofy alien baddies as they search for their robot pal’s stolen head. 85 more words

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2Dark - New Stealth-Horror Game From the Creator of Alone in the Dark

I love horror movies but for some reason, I just can’t play horror games. There’s just something about it that I just can’t handle and they freak me out more than movies do. 141 more words

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