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Detroit vs Bandersnatch

This post discusses the Black Mirror event ‘Bandersnatch’ (very minor spoilers) and Quantic Dream’s videogame ‘Detroit: Become Human’ (spoiler-free). I’m looking forward to discussing Detroit’s storyline in a future blog post! 566 more words

Beginning the Odyssey

Picked up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via the PSN Holiday Sale last week. I am enjoying what I’ve played so far (Alexios is hilarious). Finished up the Kefalonia quests tonight. 17 more words


FREE Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack

PSN users can now get a FREE Fortnite Battle Royale Pack from the PlayStation store. This is exclusive to PlayStation members only.

The PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack includes: 29 more words


Dark Souls: My Truth

Being fairly new to the game blogging scene, creating a post about ‘the Souls games’ feels almost like a rite of passage. At the same time, it feels like an all-too-obvious cliché . 1,055 more words

Revisiting No Man's Sky

I gave 16 hours to No Man’s Sky when it launched before admitting that it was ultimately an amazing tech demo but extremely shallow game. Having recently reinstalled along with the several gigabytes-worth of updates, it’s time to revisit No Man’s Sky… 2,061 more words

Sony banning accounts that used a free money exploit earlier this month

Earlier this month videos spread on YouTube showing an exploit that would allow PSN users to claim PSN cash cards multiple times.

Today Sony issued 30 day suspensions to PSN accounts that they deem used this exploit by accident or as they put it “only once”. 38 more words