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In defense of trophies/achievements

I love trophies/achievements.

Do you know what that picture is? That is the PlayStation Network Platinum Trophy, the highest award in PSN history. You can only get one from earning all of the trophies in a game, and that’s even if the game has trophies in the first place. 466 more words


Beyond: Two Souls digital PS4 release dated with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection set for 2 March

This morning Playstation Australia announced that the award winning title, Beyond: Two Souls will be digitally available on the Playstation 4 from November 26th 2015. Being digitally remastered by Quantic Dream with the power of the PS4, they are also bringing… 217 more words


The PSN Black Friday Deals Have Been Announced!

Black Friday is upon us, and so are the pre-released announcements of what exactly we’re going to spend our hard earned dollars on! This year, Sony is getting in on the action on the PSN Store! 405 more words


Trophy card on your PSN profile

As you may have noticed I mainly write about Nintendo gaming, that doesn’t mean though that I don’t love my PS Vita just as much. It just means that the 3DS tends to have more games that I love. 437 more words

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متجر بلايستيشن يكشف عن تاريخ إصدار عدد من الألعاب القادمة

اعتدنا مؤخراً على قيام المتاجر الرقمية بتسريب مواعيد إصدار عدد من الألعاب التي تكون صحيحة في معظم الأوقات، هذا الأمر تكرر اليوم حيث قام متجر بلايستيشن البريطاني بكشف النقاب عن تاريخ إصدار عدد من الألعاب على أجهزتها المنزلية وهي Shadow of the Beast, Unravel, وAlienation. 10 more words

أخبار الألعاب

Things you should know about the PS4; My Perspective

So as you read the title I’m supposing you did read it, I wanted to go about Discussing a few things about a certain little console in which shares my happiness and my regret. 520 more words


One Upon Light Review - Stick to the Shadows to Survive [PS4]

There have been a lot of indie games coming out on PS4 lately and while many of you might scoff at this, just know that you are missing out on some wonderfully creative games. 569 more words

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