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Beat Saber - VR

“It’s right up there with the best of the best.”


I hope that if you have a Playstation VR that you’ve already played Beat Saber at least once, if not then we need to have a serious conversation. 340 more words


Talking Games: Onimusha Remastered

Perhaps coming somewhere near the top of lists that could be titled ‘Defining series of the PS2 era’ as much as ‘Forgotten games of the PS2 era’ 1,040 more words


PlayStation Network interrupts players from playing games online

PlayStation Network has stopped functioning disabling players from playing games. From looking at the PlayStation’s status page, it is clear that players are not able to get into the games and play online. 183 more words


Doom (1993) Trophy Guide

Overall, this is a fairly easy Trophy list. The only difficult Trophy here is Not So Bad. This Platinum is going to require another player locally, or a second controller. 1,483 more words


The PSN Summer Sale Has Some Hot Deals

The PSN Summer Sale is here, and there are some surprisingly good deals to be snagged.

Though the PSN store is not always the cheapest place to pick up games, the convenience of purchasing a Playstation game and downloading it from the comfort of your couch is tempting to say the least. 165 more words

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trophy Guide

Welcome to the inaugural Trophy guide on Daygnls’ Game Guides! My first guide here is Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Overall, this list is pretty straight forward and there really isn’t anything too difficult. 3,282 more words



Welcome to Dayngls’ Game Guides! I just wanna give a quick introduction about myself here. I’ve been writing Trophy guides for PlayStation LifeStyle Since 2013. It was great place to learn and I really enjoyed my time there. 170 more words