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Anthem: Patch 1.1.0 Changes And Cataclysm Delay

Anthem, BioWare’s attempt to break into the looter-shooter genre, received another new patch update this week. The patch included more big fixes and some much needed additions to Anthem’s endgame and interface. 2,179 more words


Firewatch: Choice is an Illusion

This post is filled with spoilers. At one point I will spell out exactly what happens in the game. Also, I wrote this over three years ago and only ever played through the game once (on PS4). 1,279 more words


Episode 78 - Cheeky Bugger

We’re going international. You guessed right sports fans we have Wonder Boys in different countries now. For the first time in 8 months you get to listen to the sultry voices from the Boys of Wonder yet again. 102 more words

PlayStation Players Can Now Change Their PSN ID

As promised in an official statement last year, Sony are finally letting PlayStation owners change their PSN ID.

The name change feature went live today in North America and will be rolled out to the UK and Europe tomorrow. 142 more words


What games are affected by PSN name changes?

Sony has finally given users the option to change their PSN ID, but in a small selection of occurrences it may affect gameplay and other features. 279 more words


Sony Finally Allows Users to Change PSN Name

Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 owners can finally change their PSN usernames, a feature that was in beta testing last year.

The first change is free, but users who wish to change again afterwards will have to pay $9.99 USD. 52 more words


PSN Users Can Finally Change Names

Well, they did it; they finally did it.  After years and years of PlayStation users requesting the ability to change their online ID, Sony has finally figured out how to make it possible on PSN. 289 more words