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Kitchen Table as Prop

Psoas surrender.

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Practice and pause,
Yoga Nag
#yogaeverydamnday #psoas #stretch

Do Yoga. Today. Everyday.

The Power of Slowing Down

“Doing nothing

is better than being busy doing nothing”

~Lao Tzu


The above quote is a beautiful reminder that we often impose “busy-ness” on ourselves.  If we step back and truly analyze how we spend our days, they are largely consumed by driving here and there, watching TV, scanning the internet, and checking our phones.   649 more words

AiFT : Chapter 5 The Hips

Gray Cook often makes this point: Hip mobility is something we lose.

The big thing with understanding hips is we need more static flexibility work, more direct hip flexor work, and more attention to mobility. 500 more words


Surgery Day!

I’m nearly 24 hours out from surgery and doing much better this evening than yesterday and this morning.  It’s amazing what rest and meds can do in a short period of time. 610 more words

Psoas Major och Psoas Minor

Psoas Major

U: – proc.costarius L1-L5

– corpus vertebrae TH12-L5

– discus intevertebrales TH12-L5

F: – trochanter minor

FU: flexion i art.coxae

– utåtrotation i art.coxae… 32 more words