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Friday Focus: The Diaphragm

Last week, we discussed the Psoas and how it related to voice-use so the natural next progression (for me at least) is to focus on the diaphragm.   1,306 more words


I wake up sometime between 6 am and 9 am every morning. I pull on my yoga pants and throw on a top, then walk out into the living room to wake up the house.

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Friday Focus: The Psoas

So this is the very first of a weekly installment where I will talk about crucial components of voice production and voice-body integration.  I was tempted to start in the vocal tract but it occurred to me that I should dig deeper, literally. 894 more words


Psoas Major: Managing Dysfunction With Corrective Interventions

In the first part of his two-piece review on psoas major (PM), Dr. Alexander Jimenez discussed the relevant and complex anatomy and biomechanics of this unique and misunderstood muscle. 1,449 more words

Psoas Major: Hip Flexor Or Lumbar Stabiliser?

Chiropractor, Dr. Alexander Jimenez looks at the detailed anatomy and function of psoas major, and the role it plays in lumbo-pelvic stability.

The anatomy and function of the psoas major (PM) has received considerable attention in the literature over the last decade. 2,004 more words

A Weak Psoas Muscle Could Be The Basis For Back Pain

El Paso, TX. Chiropractor Dr. Alex Jimenez takes a look at the psoas muscle and its relation to back pain.

All too often we find ourselves experiencing aches and pains in our bodies, especially in the low back. 2,348 more words

The Seat Of Your Soul-Exploring The Psoas

A large part of what I write about on this blog has been about how to release stored emotional energy that is in the body. I do this because of its connection to our ability to know the deeper self. 1,604 more words