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Psoas: your deepest muscles

At BYCF’s most recent posture clinic, Dean Hutcherson took students through a series of energetic, stretching and self massage exercises designed to help us identify and heal the deepest muscles of our bodies, the psoas. 836 more words


3 Crucial Reasons To Get To Know Your Psoas

Maybe you’ve heard of the mysterious psoas before.  Something about a hip flexor, right?  But did you know it is perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle for your overall health?   527 more words

Malignant Psoas Syndrome

Malignant psoas syndrome is said to be extremely rare, but I keep seeing it. Admittedly, working in the pain and palliative care service in a specialist cancer centre, if anyone was going to see it, you would think it would be my team. 353 more words


Hip flexors, Couch Smashes, Dry Needling

Backed up the Sunday run with a planned slow tempo 6km run but had to slow to a walk after 4km due to pain in my calf. 153 more words

Kelly Starrett

Kitchen Table as Prop

Psoas surrender.

Do #yoga. Today. Everyday.

Practice and pause,
Yoga Nag
#yogaeverydamnday #psoas #stretch

Do Yoga. Today. Everyday.

Opening up the Psoas

One of the areas of your body that’s going to benefit the most from a consistent yoga practice is your hips. Many of us are extremely tight there, as hips don’t receive much attention and stretching during the usual cardio workout. 587 more words


The Power of Slowing Down

“Doing nothing

is better than being busy doing nothing”

~Lao Tzu


The above quote is a beautiful reminder that we often impose “busy-ness” on ourselves.  If we step back and truly analyze how we spend our days, they are largely consumed by driving here and there, watching TV, scanning the internet, and checking our phones.   649 more words