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Why Does My Hip Hurt?

IT Band Problems: Why Does My Hip Hurt?

Originally posted by Jonathan FitzGordon
“Why Does My Hip Hurt?”
I am asked this question over and over again. 648 more words

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Hip and Psoas Mobility

There are so many great hip openers out there, but I wanted to share one of my favorites. It is my go- to exercise when I feel like my alignment is a little off, or my back or hips are feeling achy or just not as mobile as I know they should. 336 more words

Blake Russell

Pilates Inspiration - The Royal Ballet

Well I could write an article on the mighty psoas or the wonder that is Franklin Balls, or I could just post an extract from Wayne McGregor’s Chroma, featuring Laura Morera and Eric Underwood from The Royal Ballet.  43 more words

Mommy Self-Care Tip: Psoas Release

All creative people, all people who read and write, need to take care of their bodies for maximum concentration. Since becoming a mom, and as a person who struggles with bipolar II disorder, it is essential for me to do the best to take care of my body – just to be able to think straight and focus on the essence of my being – creativity expressed through writing, movement, music, and cooking. 132 more words


While it may be prevented to extents with diet, strength training, etc, Injury in Sport is inevitable.  I started a pure focus on triathlon after I couldn’t power lift anymore.  326 more words


Friday Focus: The Diaphragm

Last week, we discussed the Psoas and how it related to voice-use so the natural next progression (for me at least) is to focus on the diaphragm.   1,306 more words

Friday Focus

I wake up sometime between 6 am and 9 am every morning. I pull on my yoga pants and throw on a top, then walk out into the living room to wake up the house.

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