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So. What is the psoas muscle? Well, let’s back up. How do you even say psoas? It’s pronounced, “so- az” and it is the only muscle in our bodies that connects the spine to the legs; our upper and lower halves.

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Low Back Pain and the Hip

We all get stuck in technological posture.

We all get pulled forward by anything and everything in our lives.

No wonder so many of us struggle with low back pain.  93 more words

Stretching the psoas tips

There are a lot of poses in yoga that stretch the psoas muscle. Every back bend stretches the psoas to a certain degree. However, the tight psoas has the tendency to resist the stretch and to misplace the stretch. 263 more words


My Low Back is Killing Me!

It is something that everyone has said, is saying, or will say.  Statistics pretty much confirm that everyone has had, is having, or will have low back pain. 156 more words

Hip Flexor Stretch

Look down at your hips. Chances are that you are probably sitting right now. And if you sit a lot, which most of us do, and you think about it, our hips spend a lot of time in a flexed position. 559 more words


There's a difference between stress and stress/ Yogi approach

Hey lovely people,

It has been a while without any article from my side. Oh yes, I was looking for my path, looking for myself, looking for stillness and peace within me. 667 more words


What's a Psoas?

Without getting all technical about it, your Psoas is a muscle in your tummy. Well, it’s more than that. It runs from your hips all the way up under your ribcage. 159 more words