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Psoas Kasınızı Uyandırın

Yazar: Ray Long | Ortopedi Cerrahı ve Yoga Eğitmeni

Çeviri: Yogaturk

* Bu yazı, Dr. Ray Long’dan izin alınarak Long’un kendi web sitesindeki bir makaleden… 1,140 more words


Psoas - Part One.

Learn about the Psoas, where it is located in the body and a great little trick to release it, creating more freedom to move within your body!

STRETCHING! Today I’m going to show you a stretch that finally started eliminating my psoas pain!

Over the years I have searched late into the night and while at work to find that one stretch that would relieve my pain. 375 more words

Why Training Your Core is ESSENTIAL to Preventing and Helping Back Pain

You have probably heard of the core group of muscles but the majority of you probably don’t know where and what this infamous core is. Today, I’ll go through the key points you need to know and there’s a fantastic routine for you at the bottom for you to start working on to get it working well. 463 more words

Optimal Health

Fare Thee Well Part 1

This is the biggest move I’ve ever made and I’m spending a lot of time visiting with folks one last time before leaving. I’ve made a significant effort to meet up with a lot of people, but if you’re one of the people who didn’t get a chance, please know that I hold you in my heart. 1,061 more words


How happy is your Psoas?

Mine may possibly have failed the test!

Seriously, some days at the moment, my brain to muscle communications are so sleepy that my two year old can push me over. 78 more words

Hip Flexors

In the previous post I gave a brief overview of the psoas muscles and how they can contribute to the common pain millions of people experience everyday. 421 more words