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The Mighty Psoas.

Your psoas muscle plays an incredibly important role. It is a hidden muscle tucked behind your abdomen and so it is a bit more difficult to envisage than other muscles that you can see and palpate. 689 more words

Injury File

Disney Marathon Training - Week 15

The week that is less of a pain in the butt. A bit of a boring week with zero pictures. Fail.

Monday – cross training. Swim 1600m. 574 more words


Disney Marathon Training - Week 13

AKA: The week where my butt didn’t do much. It was a pain in my butt.

Monday–  OFF. still hurting. Pain level is about a 2-3/10 but its enough to bug me and enough that if I try to run it hurts. 492 more words


Anterior Hip Pain- Take Home Sports Medicine Hacks Segment 3

Take Home Sports Medicine Hacks for Usual Pain Syndromes

Segment 3- Anterior Hip Pain

While at the American College of Sports Medicine Summit of 2015, I had the pleasure of listening to Captain Steve Blivin, Orthopedic Doctor and Executive Officer at the Naval Health Clinic in Corpus Christi. 1,092 more words


In my daily routine I perform mild leg stretches early on to loosen the hamstrings.

At the end of the routine I do a little taoist yoga to stretch the muscles and prevent injury… 13 more words

Tai Chi