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Hip Flexor Stretch

Look down at your hips. Chances are that you are probably sitting right now. And if you sit a lot, which most of us do, and you think about it, our hips spend a lot of time in a flexed position. 559 more words


There's a difference between stress and stress/ Yogi approach

Hey lovely people,

It has been a while without any article from my side. Oh yes, I was looking for my path, looking for myself, looking for stillness and peace within me. 667 more words


What's a Psoas?

Without getting all technical about it, your Psoas is a muscle in your tummy. Well, it’s more than that. It runs from your hips all the way up under your ribcage. 159 more words

Do You Know Psoas?

If you know nothing about anatomy, chances are you have never heard of the psoas muscle and struggle with the pronunciation (hint: “so-azz”). If you associate with the new wave of so called… 1,487 more words

Prečo strečovať ohýbače bedier?

Ohýbače bedier (m.iliopsoas) patria medzi najdôležitejšie svaly. Kontrakciou zmenšujú uhol medzi trupom a stehnami, čo sa deje pri všetkých pohyboch dolnej časti tela: chôdza, beh, drepy, švihy s kettlebellom, kopy…(+ obrázok uhly). 326 more words

Tréning A Výživa

Why to stretch the hip flexors

Hip flexors (m. iliopsoas) belong to the most important muscles. With contraction they decrease the angle between the body and the thighs during all lower body movements: walking, running, squats, kettlebell swings, kicks…They also belong to the most neglected muscle groups. 285 more words

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