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Why Should You Learn About the Psoas Today?

The Psoas muscle is often left tight and shortened after a post workout stretch. My goal today is to change that. And even if you don’t have a formal exercise routine, you are going to want to listen up because chances are you have a tight Psoas too. 525 more words


Home play: Constructive Rest Pose

15 – 30 minutes a day. Once or twice a day would be great. Here are instructions.

This is Jonathan FitzGordon’s favourite pose, affecting his favourite muscle of the body, the psoas, or illiopsoas muscle.  46 more words

Home Play

How I Made it Through a Move Without Back Pain

We recently moved to Nashville, and although this move was considerably easier than our last one, it still takes a toll. For most people moving and back pain go together. 1,014 more words

Pictures Of Exercises

What is your Psoas and why is it important??

Do you struggle with a hollowed out lower back (aka the dreaded duck bum) or do you find that you are constantly battling your body to keep your knees and toes from turning out? 36 more words

An Invitation to the Core, Episode #2

Strengthening the core is to commit to staying safe and comfortable in your skin. The core is the structure within and when awake, it is a seat of confidence and grace in action for any body. 735 more words

Psoas: your deepest muscles

At BYCF’s most recent posture clinic, Dean Hutcherson took students through a series of energetic, stretching and self massage exercises designed to help us identify and heal the deepest muscles of our bodies, the psoas. 836 more words


3 Crucial Reasons To Get To Know Your Psoas

Maybe you’ve heard of the mysterious psoas before.  Something about a hip flexor, right?  But did you know it is perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle for your overall health?   527 more words