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Hip Flexor Stretch


People who sit, run, bike, or spend a lot of time bent over. People with back pain, hip pain, buttock pain.


Muscles that flex the hip: Psoas Major, Iliacus, Rectus Femoris, Tensor Fasciae Latae, Gluteus Medius and Minimus, Sartorius, and the Adductor group. 641 more words

Lower Body

Pilates' Favorite Muscles: Psoas + Serratus

Psoas + Pilates + Back Pain:

Pso-what? The core Psoas (pronounced so-as) plays an instrumental role in alleviating back pain through correct alignment in Pilates exercises. 587 more words

How Tight are your Hip Flexors?

Perform the Thomas Test at home and find out if you have tight hip flexors/quads. You can use any stable surface so long as it’s high enough off the ground. 230 more words

Introducing Myself and You To The Sauce (Psoas)

My first introduction to the Psoas was by Sofia Vergara, when I watched this video of her playing “5 Second Rule” with Ellen DeGeneres.

Here is the clip, though she doesn’t introduce us to the Psoas until 5:14… 983 more words


Psoas Kasınızı Uyandırın

Yazar: Ray Long | Ortopedi Cerrahı ve Yoga Eğitmeni

Çeviri: Yogaturk

* Bu yazı, Dr. Ray Long’dan izin alınarak Long’un kendi web sitesindeki bir makaleden… 1,140 more words


Psoas - Part One.

Learn about the Psoas, where it is located in the body and a great little trick to release it, creating more freedom to move within your body!

STRETCHING! Today I’m going to show you a stretch that finally started eliminating my psoas pain!

Over the years I have searched late into the night and while at work to find that one stretch that would relieve my pain. 375 more words