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Let's Talk About Klonoa Beach Volleyball

There are some games that bring up massive questions about what their intentions are and why they were even made. There are some games that come out of the blue with a nonchalant wave as if it’s perfectly acceptable to consider it canon. 1,891 more words


Let's NEVER Talk About Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Honestly, I have to wonder what developers think when they decide to continue a series of games, particularly fighting games. Surely when you see a series on a system doing SO much better than yours, you have to… you know… wonder why it’s doing so much better than yours. 1,822 more words


Let's... Sorta... Talk About Evil Zone

I tell you what, on the outside, it must look as though I have a really strange relationship with fighting games. Some of my favourite games are fighting games and I obviously have such high standards that even the smallest of flaws is likely to BURN A HOLE THROUGH MY SOUL until I can stand it no more. 2,021 more words


Let's Talk About RayStorm

Back in the days of ‘Ye Olde Console Market Wars’ from the bygone era known as ‘THE NINETIES’, games could simply get by purely by being super fun to play. 1,899 more words


Nostalgia By (Art) Design: ‘Spyro the Dragon’ Analysis, Part One

One of the most vivid video game-related memories of my childhood came in the form of a little purple dragon. While I know I’m not alone in turning a platformer into a symbol for idle childhood days spent slumped in front of a television, it unfortunately hasn’t escaped my notice how this symbol in particular has fallen out of the public eye. 1,518 more words


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Great article on the first installment in the Spyro franchise. I played Year of the Dragon and loved every part of it! Reading this brings back great fun, decade-old memories of exploring the different worlds and meeting colorful characters. I look forward to parts 2 and 3!

Let's Talk About Rival Schools United By Fate

If the theme of this game were to happen in my day with schools battling schools, then more than likely, we’d all be in jail by now and the entire town would probably be a bygone mess of broken buildings. 1,923 more words


Let's Talk About Broken Sword

Forewarning: if you don’t like this game, get out. That is the simplest route here. If you are not a fan of this game then you are not to speak to me unless you can find something positive to say about it. 2,033 more words