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Let's NOT Talk About Chocobo Racing

Mario Kart has a lot to answer for. Single-handedly creating the SUCCESSFUL Karting game genre (I say that because there were games before it but nothing in the vein of Mario Kart’s huge success), suddenly EVERYONE wanted to hop on the bandwagon and create their own version using pretty much the same formula of RACE, PICK UP POWER-UPS, WIN, REPEAT AD NAUSEUM. 2,007 more words


Let's NOT Talk About Zero Divide

If you’re anywhere near as old as I am, and I’m not divulging that bombshell again, then you’ll have some memory of Rise of the Robots. 1,986 more words


Let's NEVER Talk About Penny Racers

People of the interwebs, if you’re a follower of my reviews, you’ll know that I am a bit of a sucker for charm. I love a game that might not be the most impressive visually, structurally or some other way if it’s got bucketloads of charm attached to it. 2,043 more words


Let's NEVER Talk About Psybadek

Grab your gravity defying headgear guys because this one’s going to be a trip. And by that I mean it’s going to be the worst trip you’ll ever go on bar none, only ten times worse, on hoverboards. 2,037 more words


Let's NEVER Talk About VS

So apparently I’m setting myself a bit of a trend with my review in that I tend to speak about potential a lot. I mean, there have been so many games out there with potential that have wasted the opportunity in some way either due to restrictions, restraints or lack of actual coding knowhow. 2,036 more words


Let's Talk About Micro Machines V3

Are you not aware by now that I have definite opinions on the entirety of the Micro Machines franchise of video games? I do indeed have definite opinions on the Micro Machines franchise. 2,037 more words


December Video Game of the Month: FINAL FANTASY VII (PSOne Classic)

Why pick an almost twenty year old game as opposed to something like Xenoblade Chronicles? Because Final Fantasy VII is a game that made quite the impact on the gaming industry, love it or hate it. 982 more words

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