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Let's Talk About Devil Dice

There’s this little unit of maths that I used to have to teach when I was teaching in the higher year groups, long before they decided that kids needed to more more about algebra and how far a greased log would have to travel down a river before a swan would fall off the end (I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING YOU – this is the infamous question I remember from my own A-Level maths paper and I still don’t even fucking know where to start with it). 1,930 more words


Let's NOT Talk About Kula World

Game design 101: when designing a game, make sure that any and all physics make complete and utter sense. Unless your game is going for the opposite effect, then try to make sure that anything that happens actually happens because reality. 1,969 more words


Let's... Sorta... Talk About Kurushi/Intelligent Qube

Those of you out there who are fans of watching blank TV screens and pieces of black cardboard are going to have an absolute field day today because this game is brought to you today by the letters I and Q and by the colour black. 1,988 more words