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Pain that never really goes away

I have psoriatic arthritis. I was diagnosed 24 years ago, so at this point it has been my constant, unwelcome companion for half my life. Over the years I have been on over fifty medications to relieve the joint pain, swelling and extreme fatigue that are hallmarks of PsA. 481 more words

I'm Having A Crappy Day

Not feeling well isn’t anything new or unusual for me. It’s a daily struggle. Today is a BAD day. BAD days typically follow great days. Today is not an exception. 295 more words

What You Can’t Tell About My Chronic Illness From This Picture

It’s a cute picture, isn’t it? Mother and daughter, happy together and smiling. Unfortunately, I am someone who has an invisible disease.  You can’t see my pain just by looking at me. 595 more words


Week 5: still going

Today is day one of my fifth week. I’ve done yoga three times each week and found a new studio that I’m in love with. I’m on day 20 of 21 of my elimination diet – that means I get to eat peanuts in two days! 48 more words


Payday Weighday: 205.6

It’s going down, y’all! The best part is that it’s going down even though I’ve been gaining muscle – yoga three times a week will do that! 225 more words


Fighting auto-immune disease

I am in a battle of my life, really and truly. I have auto-immune diseases. It is a fight many people participate in. But for me, I have the stigma of being fat. 1,457 more words

Hospital Anxiety

I hate hospitals.

I hate going to them even more.

I hate not knowing what I’m going to hear. Not knowing if I’ve gotten progressively worse. 903 more words