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What do I think the Rheumatologist will ask?

My mum in the midst of a conversation about how I am tonight asked me what I thought the rheumatologist might say to me, it got me thinking. 118 more words

Fate and my big mouth!!!

So as it turns out I should know better than to tempt fate by saying things like I am going to get up and go out etc. 114 more words

It's FRIDAY, whoooo hoooo!!

Well this week has been difficult being on my own and all at work but it was actually quite rewarding and I think I did a good job. 432 more words

Family woes lol

So it would seem that certain members of my family who insist in telling me they are computer literate are decidedly not!! So visit to the parental units to fix the computer, to be fair they do an AWFUL lot for me so I really don’t mind. 133 more words


Busy busy and late late but still happy?

Today was the first day on my own whilst my colleague was on holiday, it never ceases to amaze me that when there is a technician missing (illness or holiday) from the workshop they reduce the diary hours because the remaining techs couldn’t be expected to cope but they don’t do it when a service advisor is off on holiday, nah we can just work longer and harder. 136 more words

Oh the Pain!!

Today has been a really difficult one, started by waking up at five am tossing and turning and my left index finger really sore and difficult to straighten.   528 more words

Work, Oh the joys

So I decided to share the news of my diagnosis with my employer, firstly I told my line manager who’s response was ‘Ouch’ … yeah OK dude!   288 more words