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I respectfully disagree

This article did get under my skin a little.

Yes, there are fade diets and remedies that do not work.

Yes, there is no one solution for everyone. 315 more words

Nightshade Free

Psoriasis? Psoriatic Arthritis? Your input is needed!

Do you suffer from Psoriasis and/or Psoriatic Arthritis?

M3 Global Research is looking for patients that have Psoriasis and/or Psoriatic Arthritis who are willing to share their experiences by taking surveys.  140 more words


1 February 2016

Fibro Pain: 8-9
Arthritis Pain: 5-6

Joints were only mildly cranky, mostly due to work. Fibro pain was bad today. A few light headed moments. Had a late walk and missed my bus, watched it drive by as I was painfully trying to book it up the stairs. 396 more words

Chronic Illness

30 January 2016

I’m too tired to write out all the things I need to but wanted to check in. I’ve waited far too long to take my second dose of painkillers and my brain is mush. 147 more words

Chronic Illness

Our system

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I restarted the AIP diet. I can proudly say I have made it thus far without any major meltdowns or cheating.  444 more words

The Fear Post.

So I should get this out of the way. As I mentioned in my anger post, fear is a feeling that I know far better than anger. 718 more words


The day before yesterday marked eight months since I arrived in Tashkent, which technically means that my tour here is one-third complete. (The obvious question that comes to mind is When are you leaving and where do you go next? 1,659 more words

Foreign Service