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“Banka Postare”, Penale refuzon kërkesat e Janevës për paraburgim të tre të akuzuarve

Gjykata Penale e Shkupit ka hedhur poshtë kërkesën për paraburgim kundër tre personave të cilën e kërkoi PSP-ja në hetimin për larjen e parave dhe keqpërdorimin e privatizimit të “Banka Postare” nga viti 2001 deri në vitin 2010.

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More than $880,000 awarded to advance sustainable development

Fourth round of Planning Sustainable Places grants will fund 12 area projects

In September, the MARC Board of Directors and Total Transportation Policy Committee approved the allocation of $883,375 in grant funds to 12 local projects — one bi-state project, four in Kansas and seven in Missouri — that advance sustainable development in the region. 490 more words


Disgaea games and the best way to play them

Now before you all jump on this accusing me of a being a horrible shill (buy me a ko-fi at the link above kthnxbai) This article isn’t in any way sponsored, backed, endorsed, looked-upon, sneezed towards or even hinted at by NIS. 1,195 more words


Lumines [PSP] & Lumines Plus [PS2]

When Lumines first arrived for the PSP back in 2004 (2005 for Western territories), did the gaming landscape really need another puzzler based around clearing rows of blocks? 1,025 more words


GP’s Spotlight: Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable is a role-playing game with social simulation elements released for Playstation Portable. It’s a port of Persona 3, which was released for Playstation 2. 1,361 more words

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