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FEATURE DEMO: SANsymphony-V Sequential Storage Feature (aka. Random Write Accelerator)

In this three minute demo, I will demonstrate the significant impact the sequential storage feature has on overall storage performance. Random write workloads are especially difficult on storage systems and certainly those consisting of a RAID-5 configuration (one of the most common RAID types). 186 more words

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Super psp2

If you are searching for new technology based gadgets product, finish you searching since here recently Sony has introduces its latest NGP/PSP2 that is a type of technological mash-up of motion sensors. 122 more words


The mighty and powerful PSVita ! All Hail ! "it also goes by Benny"

As of last week i purchased the new Play Station Vita, me being a “Sony boy”, yes, they may suck at times but every company does (Microsoft) and it tends to just be a matter of opinion in the end. 739 more words


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection has Vita-exclusive touch

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for Vita won’t just be a straight port of the PS3/Xbox collection (of upscaled ports). Hideo Kojima revealed that the portable release will have at least some Vita-exclusive features, including Vita-specific control tweaks. 144 more words

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Sales tepid for Sony’s Vita handheld

Sony’s next big hope for the handheld gaming market has made its debut in Japan, and while the numbers aren’t awful, they aren’t exactly stellar, either. 51 more words

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Metal Gear Solid 4 for NGP (PSP2)

As everyone knows, most games from the PS3 will be available on the NGP (PSP2). I’m happy to say that MGS4:Guns of the Patriots will be going portable! 73 more words


PS Vita The New PSP2

The New PSP2 Named PS Vita Check Out The E3 Trailer