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Some many blog-worthy events; so little time!

I am once again behind in blogging, so I will try to remember all the things I wanted to write about as they happened.  This is a little more challenging than it was a few years ago.  274 more words


Sixty people who changed the course of my life

Two months from today, on August 22, 2015, I head off on a new adventure in my life. I will be heading to Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA to study Social Transformation (and while I’m there, also Sexuality and Religion). 259 more words

Todd Whitley

Proving September's claim to fame

Today I wrote my June birthday and anniversary cards.  True confession:  I do my cards a month at a time.  It’s important to me to acknowledge my friends’ and family’s special days, but it just doesn’t work well for me to write each card the day before it needs to be mailed.  630 more words


Call of the wild

By PSR Akhilesh

“And when all the wars are done, a butterfly will still be beautiful.”
― Ruskin BondThe Best of Ruskin Bond 660 more words


Totally unexpected

At 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, a friend left a message on my phone saying, “I don’t know if you heard the news, but our oldest daughter passed away yesterday, and we’ll be making a trip up north for the memorial service, but we were scheduled to greet Sunday, and I was wondering if you could do that for us.”  I was stunned. 345 more words


Connect the dots

How Corporate Social Responsibility can be leveraged and redesigned for private individuals? How individuals can benefit from expertise and tools developed within the CSR field?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond individual awareness

What motivates people to have a more sustainable lifestyle? What really triggers new sustainability choices?

How can we adapt Corporate Social Responsibility to individuals as… 10 more words

Private Social Responsibility