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Prayer alarm

It’s a good thing people have prayer requests.

We all garage our cell phones on chargers in the kitchen, theoretically at 9:00 PM. Last night I was working at my desk after our dinner with Josiah at Hook and Ladder Pizza Company, and when I looked up, it was 9:50 (my bedtime) and my phone was still up with me on my desk. 185 more words


V Pyrenejích

Dovolená, to je to, nač se pracující člověk velmi těší. Já mám to štěstí, že je mi práce i potěšením, ale stejně je fajn se jednou za čas odstřihnout na déle, než prodloužený víkend. 3,189 more words


Ann Arbor Is The Location Of An Important Event On September 25th. Get There if You Can.

There’s a group of physicians in Michigan who have formed an organization called Physicians for Prevention of Gun Violence (PPGV) which is sponsoring one of the September 25th… 643 more words


If discipline were easy, I'd already have done it

I am trying hard to develop a habit of being in bed by 10:00 PM. Do you have any idea how hard that is to do? 275 more words


three-hundred sixty-five

Thank you all—every one of you—who has supported my being at PSR for this past year: for your prayers for me and my work here; for those of you who provided support, letters, messages, goody-boxes; for those of you loving and supporting Miguel back home; for every single prayer. 392 more words

Who I Am

QIP PY2017 Review Resources

CMS has released a recording and transcript of the August 2, 2016 conference call on ESRD QIP: Reviewing Your Facility’s PY2017 Performance Data.  Find them at  17 more words