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Migrating Music: Dream Coming True

This is the kind of music we are up to. Migration of people and with them the migration of music, migration of culture..sense of loss, sense of rootlessness..And finally forming the largest fraternity of people migrated worldwide..sharing the pains and pangs..there by to see all the ancient civilizations reflected in the same mirror…to know the glory of our tradition..to celebrate the feeling of oneness…to find a common dialect…

Mystic Music

Oji the Gift Bearer Ft Nina Yin - Homo Luminous

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Oji, he inspires me on so many levels, Oji produced this song and allowed me to produce the music video. 32 more words

Preparing for the Psychedelic Gathering

We’re getting ready for our Loudhailer Electric Company Psychedelic Gathering, Saturday 20th February 2016 at Kardomah94, Hull.

Loudhailer Electric Company psychedelic sounds, plus underground acid folk with Dez Allenby of the legendary 70’s English folk acid trio, ‘Forest’, playing original Forest songs. 121 more words


México Psicodélico

It’s time for the long-time-coming Mexican psychedelia show!

This special show is brought to you by special guest Juan Ra (Part I) and The New Elastic Infinite (Part II).  241 more words

Collaboration: Verkeerd Gekruid

I did a collaboration with music duo Verkeerd Gekruid. These two guys made this psychedelic track and asked me to dance in their music video. I loved working with them because they gave me a lot of freedom in my performance. 64 more words

Dance And Choreography

Loudhailer Electric Company Live

Coming Up – Saturday February 20th 2016: Psychedelic gathering with the Loudhailer Electric Company – featuring members of seminal cult bands Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine and The Planet Wilson.  225 more words


Interview with Siamese, a Psychedelic Art Pop Band

The following is an interview I conducted with the psychedelic art pop band Siamese in early October. Just a few days after this interview, they played an awesome benefit show at the Denton venue Dan’s SilverLeaf, where all proceeds went to the autism therapy center Bright Mosaic. 688 more words

Art Pop