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"The Architect" by Jane Weaver

“The Architect” is the title track from a new EP from UK musician Jane Weaver which follows her essential album “Modern Kosmology” (which also includes “The Architect”…) 267 more words

Pop Lib

The Beatles - Their Albums Ranked Worst To Best

Ahhh, The Beatles. I’m hesitant to write about them online as I always think – what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Every single thing they ever released has likely sold at least one million copies and their incredible catalogue has been subject to unrelenting scrutiny over the years. 2,899 more words

Abbey Road

+Futur Antérieur [future perfect]

There’s been a lot of talk about the death of psych and bands pushing the limits of what psych can be and do.  Today’s show is two hours of music from nine countries that launches the past into the future and says it’s already here.  237 more words

Album Review: Man And The Holy Mountain - Bric-A-brac EP

It may have seemed that all was lost in regards to classic rock n roll making a rootsy return to the West Midlands – which may be understandable. 418 more words

Music Unsigned Undiscovered


What’s epic about HIBUSHIBIRE’s “Freak Out Orgasm!”? What’s epic about the new Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska album “Mountain Rituals”? Uhm, well, everything! Including the length.  163 more words

Sing-Sing Spell Song

Sing-Sing Spell Song…

“When things are bad, you can sing-sing. Sing-sing for everything. And turn the corner to better times…”

Translation: heartland hinterland faeryland brotherland wonderland alice in – in berlin heroin origin heretic addict or contradict lunatic moonatic rhetoric homesick or heartsick homesick or heartsick homesick or wallow in swallow reject or collect or inject or infect or one magpie or shoofly don’t bother me shoo fly don’t bother me just leave me alone space and iconoclast dream we drink dew of sun potion the ocean the animal wild to run whippoorwill mystical rosalie evermore rosalie come to me rosalie on the floor sing-sing sing-sing for everything orbital aerial legend or pretend you can leave or believe in the looking glass alice through sky blue forever true catch a wing lulu is fracturing… stand up and sing-sing, sing-sing for everything, everything, everything, everything… 60 more words

Loudhailer Electric Company


What’s epic about Oulu Space Jam Collective’s latest “Harvest Sage”? What’s epic about the new Perhaps album “V”? Uhm, well, everything! Including the length.  Today’s show is the second in a series of long form psychedelia released in 2017.  105 more words