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The Lucid Dream / Eugene Gorgeous / Soma Crew – The Basement, York, 17th September 2016

Christopher Nosnibor

Soma Crew were an obvious and natural choice of support for cult psych at The Lucid Dream on their first visit to York in their nine-year career. 366 more words



I wrote to fear
It disappeared
At most a kiss this time
I’ll be your boy
I’ll pocket the earth
Into the abyss we’ll climb… 227 more words


An Autumn Trip With Ravi Shankar

A video made from short clips of Autumn leaves that I shot with my android. I processed the clip on my android and my PC. 27 more words

Art By Rob Goldstein

Rashad Becker LIVE - Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I

Artist: Rashad Becker
title: Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I – LIVE
keywords: experimental, electronic, electronica, live, video

To see Rashad Becker LIVE makes me think a bit about seeing a random person sitting in a bus-stop; you think nothing of it at first impression, then when you manage to start to open your mouth and trigger the bus-stop waiter into opening up you will be flabbergasted by what goes behind the surface of the person. 316 more words

"Tides" by Dinowalrus

“Tides” is the opening track from brand new, just-released album “Fairweather” from Brooklyn, NY based Dinowalrus.

Dinowalrus describe themselves as psychedelic synth punks. There’s certainly a lot of psychedelia and synth but not so sure of the punk bit. 115 more words

Pop Lib

The Local Beat

Austin is widely revered as the music capital of the world, and that means that San Marcos gets to experience the best of it all. I’ve only been in San Marcos for a few weeks, but I’ve already heard about so many amazing bands in the alternative music scene thanks to friends and of course, the internet. 289 more words

Pop Punk

Episode 3: Pink Floyd

A very wavy and informative episode of the Fuzz Factory Podcast with Spenny and Sav. On this rainy day in Winnipeg your hosts discuss one of the most influential psychedelic rock bands in music history. 22 more words