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Art by Thomas A. Gieseke

Like psychedelic weirdness? Always wanted a Tardigrade Queen hung on the wall with your family photos? Tom Gieseke can help. My favorite is The Extrovert Leaves the Introvert to His Own Devices.

Art by Thomas A. Gieseke


From The Blackest Regions...

The San Diego trio Earthless has always been in heavy rotation on my personal playlists. From the first album Sonic Prayer to the masterpiece From the Ages to the current Black Heaven; Earthless has made every single album that they make a slice of blues soaked psychedelic perfection. 709 more words

Classic Rock

Machine Machine-Mama EP

Some might be wondering how I came across a somewhat obscure band from Queensland, Australia. I happen to be Facebook friends with one of the members who messaged me, asking if I would check out the band’s latest EP Mama because “I’m sick of little cunts telling me it’s good just so they can smoke weed with me.” 205 more words



The hippie movement was a subculture that started in America in the 60s. The word ‘hippie’ derives from the word ‘hipster’. In summary, this movement was influenced by psychedelic music, unusual fashion, use of drugs such as LSD and anti-war, sexual liberation and peace missions. 478 more words

Every sound generated a vividly changing image, with its own consistent form and color.

Happy Bicycle Day.


Heavy Psych Band Celebrates 20 Years With New Album

By Dave Pehling

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Tempering hefty, bong-hazed riffs with equal doses of dreamy guitar drones and transporting melodies,  talented power trio Dead Meadow has been making its unique style of heavy psychedelic rock for two decades. 586 more words

San Francisco

Doom Charts Countdown 3.2

Whether you’re a reader of words on paper, or one of those folks who prefer to listen to your stories via audio book, we have you covered here at the Doom Charts. 348 more words

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