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This Is Not OK...

For the past week I’ve been following the Ice Breaker Run which is a group of people running across the country relay style in order to bring awareness to mental illness and addiction. 1,441 more words

When Mental Hospitals Resemble Jails

A friend recently forwarded me this article from The Atlantic, arguing how the Cook County Jail in Chicago could be considered the “largest mental-health facility” in America due to the high percentage of inmates who have received or are eligible to receive mental illness diagnoses, as well as the massive size of the jail itself. 400 more words

Organic Mental Health Manifesto

Why Mental Hospitals Are Just the Worst

The thing I never realized about mental hospitals before I actually went to one is that they are seriously fucking depressing.

You’d think they’d at least try to make things a little less “doom and gloom”, being that they’re treating people for depression, but  I guess with room names like the “compassion room” or the “holism room” I can’t say they aren’t trying. 654 more words

Diaries From The Psych Ward

Sandre Rae of the Psychiatric Hospital in Black Rock

BARBADOS.   Dear Naked, let me tell the public about Sandre Rae that works at the Psychiatric Hospital in Black Rock.  She is a nurse by day but a not so nice a person by night.   392 more words


Day One-An Encounter with Vicky

The morning of first day in the ward started out just as you would think after a night of nothing but tears and exhaustion.

Awful. 802 more words

Diaries From The Psych Ward

A year ago...

A year ago, I tried to die. All of those sleeping pills somehow didn’t kill me, and here I am. Not much has changed in the past year, except my outlook on life. 217 more words

The Story Of Me

A Day of Firsts: The Top Five Things I Learned from My First Couple Days at the Ward

Not many people get to experience what it’s like waking up in a completely different room than yours, with a new roommate three times your age in a building far away from their home but I’m here to tell you right now: 918 more words

Diaries From The Psych Ward