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Mike The Blood

One of the interns Joe often sits down and has informal talks with the patients in the Psych ward. Joe has a personal interest in getting to know each patient outside of what is written in their charts. 956 more words


Eating disorder treatment: The good, the bad and the "I'm not HUNGRY" pt. 2

I’ve explained my experience in out-patient treatment in my last post, so now its time for in-patient.

When I finally agreed to go to an in-patient program I was sent to a beautiful and historical treatment center/psychiatric hospital that offered a residential program for adults with EDs, and I was very, very, lucky to get in as they only have 2 beds that are covered my OHIP despite it being the largest IP facility for EDs in the province. 978 more words

Vicious Cycle

Patients that spent a couple of weeks or months in the Psychiatry ward and were released are starting to be readmitted back to the ward one by one. 615 more words


The Devil in Silver

The Devil in Silver, by Victor Lavalle, is a book I found in the unlikeliest of places: the dollar store.  Now, some of you may be going, “Oh Ellie, you didn’t grab a Dollar Tree book, did you?   821 more words


Potholders and Mindfulness

TWIGGER WARNING: Suicide, mental illness, depression, grief, psychiatric hospital, eating disorders, anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder, self-harm, substance abuse

Do not read further if these topics are triggering. 1,430 more words



When Dawn was admitted to the Psych Ward a couple of weeks ago, all that she talked about was her Daughter getting married. She spoke about how nice her Daughter’s future husband is and she is looking forward to meeting her future Son In Law’s family at the wedding. 718 more words


Musings and memories from my time spent working in a psychiatric hospital

A couple of years ago, I was working as a Support Worker in an acute adult mental health unit – a hospital where people go when they are in a mental health crisis. 742 more words