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Why the fuck am I doing this?!

Firstly, you must have initially noticed that I use a lot of bad language. If you prefer not to read my fucks, cunts and bastards or you find it offensive in any way, then you are probably reading the wrong stuff! 279 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Not My Shame

After I was raped, I had a mental breakdown. I tried to kill myself. I felt like I could not go on with all the shame, and guilt, and the horror of remembering, and feeling it over and over again. 449 more words

Mental Illness

Being Diagnosed with a Mental Illness: Relief, Explanation, Loss, Hope.

Being Diagnosed with a Mental Illness

The Relief of Being Labelled a Borderline

Being diagnosed with any illness can be distressing. Being diagnosed with a mental health problem can throw up a lot of emotions. 1,164 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Three years in bloody fucking hell

I grew to dread the sound.  My roommate would take the Dixie cup off his dresser and walk to the bathroom.  With the door open,  he would dip the cup into the toilet and drink from it. 334 more words

Mental Illness

me and february 27. 2015 - (late night/early morning)

molly –

we’re getting sloppy.

if you agree we can staple our tongues together and tie nooses around our necks while we share our secrets – loud, bloody, sweet, and full of surprises while the clock skips minutes around us and we find ourselves still alive when the daylight comes – 229 more words


How Long Will it take to Heal? *TW* - mentions previous suicide attempts

This time of year is very difficult for me.

It is the time when things started to fall apart very quickly.

I remember clearly all of the ‘anniversaries’ – my first few A&E trips, home treatment team, how bad things were around my 23rd birthday, being walked in on by my flatmate with pills in my hand, going into psychiatric hospital the next day, left to wonder how the fuck it had got so bad so quickly, how helpless I felt because I’d watched my life fall apart and not been able to stop it. 447 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Missoula Man Pleads Guilty To Killing His Grandmother

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — A 25-year-old Missoula man has pleaded guilty to beating his grandmother to death with a chair in December 2013, shortly after he was released from the state psychiatric hospital. 125 more words