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Alwrite so I'm gonna right.

I’m not in the mood to write, but I know it helps me.  So I’m going to choose to do the healthy thing even though it is the thing I least want to do. 669 more words

Daily Prompt: Protest

My body is the gasoline, my voice is the match

Lighting a fire to change for the better within myself, my communities, and the world… 293 more words

What it's like inside a psychiatric hospital. 

Ever wonder what it’s like being inside a psychiatric hospital? I knew I had previously wondered what it would be like.

This is my second visit, both voluntary admissions. 1,058 more words


Governor’s plan to shut Junction City psychiatric hospital stuns employees, local residents

Junction City’s 18-month-old, $130 million psychiatric hospital unexpectedly found itself on the state’s chopping block Thursday. Gov. Kate Brown, seeking to plug a big healthcare budget hole, proposed to permanently close the hospital in mid-2018. 17 more words

The Register-Guard

Dear T

Dear T,

I’m sorry you can’t come home now. I don’t have a way to keep you safe when you are intent on harming yourself. You have no impulse control, and while that isn’t your fault, I do not have the resources to keep you safe from yourself 24/7. 188 more words

Foster Care


Former psychiatric hospital in Volterra, Italy.
6×6 film scan (Ilford PANF)

The wall of the inner courtyard of Ferri pavillion was decorated by an inmate of the hospital: Nannetti Oreste Fernando. 204 more words


Diagnonsense, Oh Diagnonsense!

A few months ago, I wrote about my changing diagnosis. My autism diagnosis that’s been confirmed three times since 2007, was removed. That left me with just borderline personality disorder (BPD) as a diagnosis. 517 more words