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A nice Sunday

So today was a good day. Finally. I got up this morning and despite having a crappy sleep and waking up just wanting to be a vegetable all day, I went for my walk. 302 more words


Mentally Stable

Newsflash: MQ has graduated from psych land! Or in other words, I’ve finally been discharged from the psychiatric hospital (outpatient).

Mentally Questionable has become a little less ‘Mentally Questionable’, and more stable. 242 more words


It's so hard to be honest

I read this great post from my friend Samantha Jane at both sides of the wall this morning. She highlighted something I hadn’t thought a lot about but totally agree with. 488 more words


Day 1 of Inpatient CBT program

So yesterday was day one of the inpatient CBT program at my hospital. I have done this program before, about two years ago, and attempted it a second time (but got bored so I quit after two days). 465 more words


Six Discoveries Made on a Psychiatric Unit

On The Mighty today, there’s an interesting article on little discoveries made at a psych ward. I seriously thought I had invented playing card games as a life saver, but apparently I haven’t. 577 more words

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Boredom is my enemy

So it has been a quiet day here. My husband is currently working 14 hour days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and my in-laws, who are caring for my son while I’m in hospital didn’t offer to bring him out to see me, which made me a bit sad. 430 more words


Am I just a child?

I have wondered lately why it is that I hate work and housework so much. I have spoken to my psychiatrist about it and we are going to delve into it while I am in hospital for the next two weeks as I will get to see him every day, even if it is only for 15mins. 731 more words