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I was 15 the first time I was screened in the Emergency Room.
The psych tech on staff, exhausted
As the girl in the room next to me… 682 more words


why wouldn't it go?

i just got myself out of the psychiatric hospital forcefully- i almost didn’t get out because i got all emotional in front of my team of doctors after my parents spoke to them. 215 more words


My Decision

Due to my foresight and Gracie’s father’s money I was covered for the mums and bubs unit in a private hospital. He and Mum drove me a couple of hours to get there with Gracie. 673 more words



The Psych Ward has been closed since the super Hurricane hit. It has been temporary relocated to the big Psych Hospital in the city. The move to the big Psych Hospital had some interesting effects on the Psych Ward patients. 383 more words

Psych Ward Chronicles

Mental Hospital

Seven years ago, I spent the night in a mental hospital for attempting to end my life. Honestly, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. 334 more words


You Can Be the Outcast Or Be the Backlash of Somebody's Lack of Love

I’ll skip over the obligatory “Oh, I haven’t blogged in forever” post because it’s quite obvious.

In April 2016 I was forcibly escorted by the police to a psych facility here in my new town and was admitted involuntarily. 340 more words

Delusional Rants

The day started off with Katy having one of her psychotic episodes. Eventually she started to have a verbal argument with one of the staff members. 471 more words

Psych Ward Chronicles