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So I’m back at work and loving every minute. I don’t think anyone has been so happy to be leaving work 45 minutes late. Or happily going in again despite the fact they’re basically dying from a cough that has meant only getting 7 hours sleep over 57 hours. 546 more words



I looked at the calendar today and noticed that this Sunday is Father’s Day (oops). Then I realized, out of nowhere, that this weekend marks an anniversary for me. 692 more words

Mercy Medical's plan for a psychiatric hospital in Clive, Iowa worries some neighborhood folks

CLIVE, Iowa — Some neighbors are speaking out against plans to build a 100-bed psychiatric hospital in a Des Moines suburb.

Mercy Medical Center officials announced last month that they’re working with a national company on the $31 million project in Clive. 95 more words


Life in the 500 ft. Horseshoe

   My brother and frequent muse Nick urged me to do some writing during my first week-long stay at McLean: (names have been changed)

   I’m sitting in the kitchen of McLean hospital on the Dissociative Disorder and Trauma unit. 1,188 more words

Pray for a Tragedy

• I love to swear. Swearing is my favorite pastime. I am partial to my Christian family, however. We weren’t permitted to swear growing up. We weren’t allowed to say “oh, my gosh”. 1,362 more words


Issues Surrounding Psychiatric Medication

Yesterday, Lydia of On The Borderline wrote an interesting piece on the stigma surrounding psychiatric medications and opioids for chronic pain. Today, I am going to add my own two cents to the conversation on meds. 491 more words

Mental Health

Should Christians care about what happens in psychiatric hospitals?

  • Yes Christians need to care. I just want to make clear that it is essential to care but what gets a person to Heaven is whether he or she beliefs that Jesus Christ shed his blood for his or her sins on the cross and rose on the third day.
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