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Don't Fall In Love In A Mental Hospital And 6 Other Things I Learned In Psychiatric Care

So you are a danger to yourself and others?


I have had four experiences as inpatient at a Psychiatric Hospital – three of them were as an Adolescent and one of them as an Adult. 1,185 more words

Mad House Sistas

In December, I started giving dance classes at a psychiatric hospital in South London.

I still can’t really explain what was the trigger, why I wanted to do that. 899 more words


Milestones in My Mental Health Recovery

This week #theprompt celebrates its 100th edition. I was guessing at the prompt for this week, as I often do, and this time, I was right: milestone. 742 more words


Who's Toothless, Grey and Playing in his own Shit?

BARBADOS.  None other than Everton Gittens.  Word reaching Naked is that Everton R. Gittens is not taking his incarceration very well.  In fact, we hear he has totally lost it and is in bad shape!   155 more words


Inpatient won't cure you- your attitude will

After spending so many years on the online ‘recovery community’ I’ve learned two pretty big things:

  1. Inpatient treatment is often seen as a guaranteed Cure…
  2. 2,364 more words
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Book Review: Believarexic by J.J. Johnson

I have published a few posts that were inspired by my reading of the book Believarexic by J.J. Johnson already. I didn’t share many opinions on the book itself though. 477 more words


Full Time Therapeutic Recreation Specialist - Utah State Hospital

A TRS is needed to fill a position on one of our Adult Units. This is a 24 hour residential psychiatric hospital for children through adult years. 175 more words