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  • Phobias

–          Ashenophobia- fear of fainting/weakness

–          Astraphobia- fear of thunder/lightening

–          Astrapophobia- fear of thunder/lightening

–          Astrophobia- fear of stars and celestial space

–          Asymmetriphobia-fear of asymmetrical things… 2,450 more words


not a lot, anymore

we’re standing in the Staff Courtyard
it’s break time
and we’re doing coffee and a cigarette
when he says to me

I’ve always worked in Psych… 185 more words

Creative Writing

on harridan avenue

on harridan avenue
the argument turns
on who saw the cigarette
that’s lying on the ground

it’s mine

no it’s not you’re nothing a bitch… 141 more words

Creative Writing

Nursing School Update: Psych & Med-Surg 2?

Hello guys and gals!

Long time no speak.

I’ve been pretty busy with school. I’m in the final stretch of nursing school (73 days ahhhhh). I CANNOT believe it’s almost over. 429 more words

Nursing School

under the skin

they are morphogenic twins

cardigan overlay
streaky-grey mat
hard left upper outer eyeballs

platinum blonde wig
wide broad red lipstick clown-face

superficial differences
disguises to mislead the inattentive… 157 more words

Creative Writing

cigarette? still laughing!

she’s a stroller
with teeth
false ones that shine bright
like ill-fitting pickets
behind a rictus of lips

and that particular laugh
heh heh heh Heh HEh HEH HEH… 133 more words

Creative Writing