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Coloring, coloring, coloring

So, I’m finally feeling a little bit better.

I’m chewing ativan like they’re candy (hyperbole…don’t get freaked) and I’ve been coloring pretty much all day.  Every time I stop coloring, I start feeling like I’m riding back up the mania wave so I start again. 654 more words


Where are all the doctors?

I feel crappy today.  Physically and mentally.  This mixed state is still holding firm which sucks.  However, the crying has finally taken it’s toll on my sinuses and now the headache has arrived. 467 more words

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About Dr Alen Salerian

Alen J. Salerian, M.D. is a Psychiatrist and Psycho-pharmacologist. He graduated from the Psychiatry Residency Program at Washington University Medical School in 1976 where he was nominated “Best Resident in Psychiatry”. 143 more words

Alen Salerian

Lack Of A Support System

My therapist appointment didn’t go well. I called my clinic for help the other day, and I was met with having to sign a consent form to make sure I took my medications. 268 more words

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About Dr. Alen Salerian

Alen J. Salerian is an american psychiatrist. He was born in 1947 in Istanbul, Turkey. He came to the US to do his medical training. He is married to Judith Salerian. 159 more words

Alen Salerian

Mastering ADHD for adults - Dr Hallowell's Game-changing Workshop in London on 30 September

Anyone who has been touched by ADHD considers US-based Dr Hallowell as something of a guru. And, on the eve of ADHD Awareness month, the Crossley Family managed to persuade him across the pond to talk to those affected by ADHD in the UK. 705 more words


The Mind is a Crazy Thing

I’ve been having one of those days. I’m tired I guess and it feels like I am all over the place. I know the swings come in larger periods of time. 370 more words

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