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Sometimes I Wonder....

If maybe I am just crazy about everything. The last few days I have had a headache and not felt that great. But I had no fever or any other major issues. 227 more words

Mental Health


So…..I took my 50mg dose of Lamictal upon waking every day for the last 5 days.  Each day I feel the anxiety rising within a half hour.   188 more words


So, about yesterday


Yesterday was a bit of a mess.

Today, I feel a little better, although I still woke up anxious, but this time I had my meds and didn’t have to wait for the pharmacy to open. 683 more words


Dr Appointments and Med Fails

I wrote this post months ago and found it while looking for something to post for today.  It is a post that at it’s heart is about the frustration I feel trying to deal with my bipolar disorder.   779 more words


Why sometimes visiting the psychiatrist feels exceedingly pointless

Dear Diary,
I checked in at the psychiatrist yesterday as usual for my monthly appointment. I sat at the waiting room and read a little before I was called in. 269 more words


Why I hate taking medication but continue anyway

Dear Diary,
I woke up this morning when the alarm rang after sleeping restfully for a good 9 hours. The only problem was that it was artificially induced. 509 more words


The therapy of no emotion

Psychiatrist and therapist this morning.  A whole bowl of head shrinking for breakfast. Some interesting things came of it though.

Pdoc finally got the genetic testing package, so she did the cheek swabs and she’ll send that off this afternoon.   339 more words