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Frasier: The Ultra-Wonderful Intellectual Sitcom

Once every other year or so, we return to the world of Frasier to get some intellectual comedic satisfaction. The Cheers spin-off aired in September 1993 and enjoyed 11 seasons up to 2004, making household names of its stars. 1,290 more words


Psychiatry: Dr. Erica Shoemaker

Changes have been made to the following accounts:

Effective Date: 7/2019
Account Name: Dr. Erica Shoemaker
CID: 7853
Location Applied: Clinic Master Schedule, Cerner Scheduling & Kyruus Notes… 13 more words


Dr. Faustus

Alone he sits on his ram-adorned throne – symbol of war and strife; striving to prove ourselves worthy, we fight to have power in life. really, we want to be rulers… of our minds, or of the world; what is it like to have power, to be guardian of the pearl? 445 more words



So I found out today that I may have had a mini stroke or TIA as it’s called. The thought of my left eye blindness being caused by a stroke had never entered my mind, not once. 77 more words

Mental Health

Journal Entry #4

Let’s get real for a second. Well, we are always ‘real.’ My blog is literally called uncensored but anyway, we’re getting real. SIDE EFFECTS SUCK. Before I had just been acquainted with ‘side effects’ because I was forced to sit through those medication commercials like everyone else but now I think I’m actually experiencing them! 275 more words


How Can I Avoid Depression?

If you are a person around you
remain sad for more than a month, you might have depression. All aspects of
life suffer due to mild to medium depression. 268 more words