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This is the third post regarding the basics of psychic work – Psychic Awakening, Grounding, and now Protection.

There are many ways of working protection into your psychic work, indeed your daily work. 777 more words


Witches Mirror

Not just used for applying make-up!

We are creatures ruled by vanity. We use a mirror several times throughout the day, to check our reflections, making sure that we are presentable for others. 839 more words


Great New Beginnings - Star West ★

You are being guided to go within, and take some time for reflection and meditation. This is a time of heightened psychic awareness. Through meditation, you  get in touch with your spiritual gifts, dreams and life purpose. 137 more words

Flashback 2007 Mabon Celebration

“A sabbat of balance and equality, Mabon is a time of second harvest and work shared. A dynamic tension exists that seems to stretch time into both a long day and a long night. 156 more words

Daily Posts

Psychic Reading January 30th 2015 with Vickie Parker

Countdown time. What is it that you’ve been waiting on? The right day. The sun has to be out and you’re in a good mood. You can’t wait on something to happen you have to go for it. 86 more words

Intutive/Psychic Readings

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice.

 A powerful weekend of dreams and messages.

 I have private meditation practices and cleansing rituals that I do not discuss here. I have abbreviated things that I do on a daily basis, but on special occasions, like solstice or new and full moons when the energy is high, I have a more specific focus. 460 more words


Gallery Reading: My First Experience

Well, two things: One, I know I’m a week off and I apologize. I got completely wrapped up in the Halloween weekend and neglected my blog duties. 1,454 more words