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The more you know...The Author-Narrator-Character Merge

I’m in my happy place when I’m with a good book on writerly devices, and I love to experiment with what I have learnt and attempt to incorporate that into whatever I’m working on, just for the fun of it, but there is a downside to this, I can’t unknow things that I have learnt. 393 more words


Immersive Writing

My current project is a rewrite of the second book of my epic-fantasy YA. I had high hopes for this one… and then got back my beta notes. 616 more words

Writing Tips

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Have I mentioned lately that I really love the programs put together by the Alaska Writers Guild’s Interior Chapter? ‘Cause I do. Love, love, love. Despite our being a tad isolated from most of the writing world, the chapter president always does a fantastic job of presenting relevant information and finding qualified guests. 833 more words


Festival of Writing 2014 Segment Ten: Psychic Distance

Debi Alper took us through how to get inside the heads of our characters and the stages in which a writer can do this.

This skill is very useful when writing in the first person as the voice needs to be able to move in and out of the narration but, whatever voice is used, the work needs to manipulate the reader’s emotional involvement with the characters. 113 more words


The Fresh Breath of Spring

At last, Spring has arrived! After enduring a long and treacherous Michigan winter, I thought it might never happen. Spring has a way of making one feel as if anything is possible. 393 more words


Psychic Distance Exercise

Reference Post. Anyone can link  or bookmark.

This exercise is to illustrate deep POV in an action setting with two male characters, and to accept the challenge presented by this book: … 1,817 more words


Psychic Distance? Or Just Psychic?

One of the things I love about YouTube is the plethora of ads from all over the world that manage to find their way there. It’s just not good enough to watch them on the television any more, we watch them for our own entertainment in our free time. 566 more words

Consumer Psychology