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Get Writing in St Albans

The lovely St Albans was the setting for this year’s Verulam Writers’ Get Writing day which, as usual, did not disappoint. There were some names I’d already heard of, the incredibly talented historical fiction writer, Emma Darwin (the great-great-granddaughter of Charles and Emma Darwin) for one. 462 more words

Psychic Distance

Writers need to be able to control how close they are to the mind of their viewpoint character. They need to be able to zoom-in or pull-back depending on the passage. 877 more words


Psychic Distance

Three examples of closing in on the character’s inner voice:

  1. On 13 November 2015, a woman boarded a plane.
  2. She was looking forward to her holiday in Spain.
  3. 144 more words
Writing Tips


Sarah’s father walked out the front door on the morning of her seventh birthday party and did not walk back in until her seventeenth, just to say “I forgot my coat” and “This is Karen” pointing at the skeletal woman behind him and then “Do you have any eggs?” Sarah didn’t respond right away, but sat quite frozen for a bit. 187 more words


Emma Darwin's Blog

Here I am. The damn Charlotte thing is over, it went much better than I feared, and I’ve murdered nobody. Admirable self-restraint, if I say so myself. 171 more words