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Dean Radin - The Future of Consciousness Research

Published on Jan 8, 2016

Dean speaks about psi and consciousness research at the IONS 2015 Conference.


The NEW Spiritual Chakras: and How To Work With Them by Elizabeth Joyce (Author)

Is it possible that all the knowledge of the universe is stored within us? Within in the atoms, molecules and cells that becomes our physical living self and each living moment, molded in our genes and DNA? 644 more words


Distinguishing Qualities of Psychics, Mediums, and Psychic Mediums

For over 25 years, John Edward has served clients across the United States and worldwide as a psychic medium, interpreting the energy and signals from the living, the dead, dream states, and signs of determinism. 209 more words

John Edward

Jane Anderson-Ross - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Jane Anderson-Ross is a wife, mother, and grandmother currently living in Rochester, NY.

Raised in a New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia, Jane always had the gifts of love and compassion, and even as a young child, felt that her life path was to help others heal. 216 more words


Soul Secrets: A Spiritual Guidebook to Your "Team" - Angels, Spirit Guides, and Departed Loved Ones by Miki Jacobs (Author)

On our harsh world we often feel scattered, confused, fearful, and alone. But we are not! At every given moment, of every day, throughout our life, we each have our own “Team” of Angels, Spirits Guides, and departed loved ones. 623 more words


The Psychic & Spiritual Awareness Manual, A guide to DIY enlightenment by Kevin West

The Psychic & Spiritual Awareness Manual is aimed at people who wish to develop their psychic and spiritual awareness in a very practical way. Although organically linked, each chapter deals with a separate aspect of development and also acts as a diagnostic empowering tool. 174 more words


Still, Small Voice: A Psychic's Guide to Awakening Intuition by Echo Bodine

In A Still, Small Voice, famed psychic Echo Bodine turns to a subject she knows deeply and is passionate about: intuition. Using humorous anecdotes and a positive, readable style, this sequel to Echoes of the Soul explores what intuition is, where it’s located, what it sounds like, and how to cultivate it. 201 more words