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Girl, Don't Do It!

I had an odd encounter at work today and I need to get it out. I’m a very strong empath and I feel other people’s emotions and thoughts. 807 more words

The Ghost of Natalie Edwards

If you haven’t done so yet, please read Tunnel Vision before continuing here.

“I was against Ellis informing you this way, dear Brian, but he was insistant.

3,858 more words
Short Story

Noticing Synchronicity

I don’t totally know how the Universe and synchronicity works, but I experience it more and more. At least, I’m noticing it more. It’s weird! 181 more words


Tarot Guidance for Friday 31 March 2017: Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups comes forth to remind you to follow your heart. When you follow your heart and put your heart into something, things happen with ease. 84 more words

Daily Tarot



I looked up some information on divination.

I googled “divination methods”.

Of course wikipedia is always the first search option so I clicked it. 87 more words


Jewelry and Psychics

2 weeks went by pretty quickly.  My sister finally came home and we were able to sit down and try to understand what and why this happened.   786 more words

Psycho (and Psychic) Games Excerpt

Psycho (and Psychic) Games.

And they thought catching the serial killer was difficult…

Psychic Ariana Ryder just completed her probationary year and is now a full agent in the FBI’s Special Division Force, a semi-secret branch that investigates paranormal crimes. 1,200 more words