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Lost and Found: Intuition

I believe every one is intuitive and should act on it.

My son Joey and I went to the dump to empty our trailer full of yard debris, as I was backing the truck into a good spot, I saw a man walking around his just dumped pile of debris. 212 more words


Speaking Out

I’ve always been a little reserved about my being a Medium, especially working in the medicine field for so long. I never thought I would say to someone out in the public, “I see a loved one that is deceased and they have a message for you…” but I did. 276 more words


10-13-15 Daily Card Reading

The Shaman’s Oracle
by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan

Shaman of Birth

“We give birth every day – to ideas, aspirations, hopes, and promises. Our ancestors understood the importance of new beginnings to ensure the continuing life of the tribe, and we can learn much from this. 237 more words

Card Readings

Daily Interactive Reading 10-13

Daily Interactive Reading

Close your eyes take a few deep breaths and clear your mind for a few seconds/ minutes as you open your eyes look at the pictire where do your eyes fall first? 278 more words

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

[R] Five of Wands: Defeat

This could mean that someone you know is constantly engaged in one-upmanship, or it could indicate something you’re involved in. 91 more words

Card Reading


She stood at the front of the class, wearing high-heeled shoes made cheaply on some unnameable planet outside the Main Line but sold in expensive boutiques here. 242 more words

Are You Serious About Being A Paranormal Investigator?

Do you know anyone could walk into a cemetery or an abandoned place with flash lights and a camcorder? Do you know it takes a particular type of person to actually understand what would make something paranormal or not? 883 more words