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Blizzard of Oz part 4

Time to blow your mind holes again with more blizzard of OZ

So once inside W.I.Z.Z.A.R.D which stands for the (Weaponised Ion Zero Zeta Research and Development) (facility) the team are attacked by the tin man a chainsaw armed killer robot I explained to you in… 331 more words


The Doomed Shirt

This is a short story that I had written and hope you enjoy it.

It is 2012 and as you know the population of the world had increased but Planet Urencary took good care of it. 277 more words


And the truth comes out (in Two Part Disharmony)

Grab some coffee or tea or your favorite beverage and settle in. Storytime.

Before I get to the pleasant part of this story, which involves Bachelor #11 ( 2,757 more words

Over 40 Dating