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Equal Loudness Contours

Equal loudness contours are  a graphical representation of perceived loudness of different frequencies at different volume levels.

Does that confuse you? First of all, loudness and volume have different definitions in this context. 297 more words

Yiğit Kolat : (mis)translating data into musical information

Yiğit Kolat’s music explores the liminal frontiers of musical activity and potentialities in (mis)translating data into musical information. The complicated political and social environment of his native Turkey is a recurring theme in his diverse output, which includes acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic works written for orchestra, chamber ensembles, voice, and solo instruments. 1,511 more words


Tuesday February 6, 2018

The phrase “Libra sapphire glow stick” comes to mind as I walk beside a park remembering pleasures, abstractions, noise shows attended by the hundreds. Selves today would never permit themselves such latitude. 100 more words

Sine-Wave Speech Demonstration - Disinformation 2014

Speech-synthesis and sine-wave speech demonstration video, prepared for the artist project Disinformation, premiered in the PoetryFilm ‘Sounds of Love’ event, at the Southbank Centre, London, 19 July 2014. 14 more words

Disinformation Videos

The war is over - What is Loudness Normalization (and 3 free Loudness Meters Plugins)

The war is over…

This war is finally ended. There are no winners or losers – it simply became meaningless.

The war of loudness, started way back in the 1940 and becoming increasingly fierce up to the beginnings of the turn of the century – is about to end. 986 more words


The Treefrog, The Method and the Wardrobe.

Another week gone by and another boatload of things to think about.

To begin with: last weeks Research and Enquiry lecture. Steven and Thea got us thinking about our own methodology throughout this project, specifically how and why we take the steps we have been taking. 437 more words

Audio Programming

As promised, another test!

So as promised I’m testing to see how far we can push the time different between the lead signal and the lagging signal. In my last test I used a transient sound (a short click) and for this test i’m using a more continuous sound. 276 more words

Audio Programming