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“I became conscious of an entirely new effect produced by this familiar music. I seemed to feel the music detaching itself and projecting itself in space.

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Shhh... Enjoy the Silence

Today try to turn the levels down for a while. Better: switch it off completely – even if just for a matter of minutes.

I was reading an article some days  ago, that somehow confirmed what I’ve always thought: silence does… 419 more words


Kolokol Bells

There are ‘special places‘ all over the world — some familiar, others not so much. Grab a pair of headphones, and I’ll sonically take you to one in Russia. 621 more words

The Difference Between Sound Design and, um... Sound Design

Today I preach from atop the musical theatre soapbox

For what it’s worth, let me say that this is thus far the most challenging post I’ve written. 1,340 more words

Live Sound

ASMR: how to use sound for triggering tingling sensations on the skin

What does it feel like when somebody whispers in your ear? Some people describe it as a static-like sensation on the scalp, “akin to a mild electrical current…or the carbonated bubbles in a glass of champagne” 1,068 more words

Sound Design

The Binaural Failure in the Recording Industry

Something I wrote for the MMT department blog, head on over: https://mmtfinland.wordpress.com/

Over Your Shoulder

What would a mannequin head with microphones built into it be used for in a recording studio environment? 1,076 more words

Psychoacoustics of learning environments: A people-centred approach to noise

As I write, it’s a rainy day. Our small apartment is on the top level of the building, located on a semi-busy road. Not a highway nor a freeway, more of a connection between suburbs. 534 more words