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Data from deTune Battle

The most popular page on this blog is a description of an experiment I ran exploring the detuning of music to 432 Hz. The re-pitching of music has a cult following on YouTube. 326 more words


The funniest whoopee cushion sound

Every two years, the charity Comic Relief runs the Red Nose Day telethon. It also sells merchandise, and in 2009 this included whoopee cushions. As my contribution to the comic fundraising that year, I ran a psychoacoustic experiment to find the funniest whoopee cushion sound. 410 more words

MPEG Layer - III Implementation using Matlab

This was my attempt at making a lossy MPEG encoder. The results are not totally perfect but I will work more on it and put up my results. 232 more words


What exactly IS sound?

So I’ve decided to augment my reading of Mixing a Musical with Sound and Music for the Theatre by Deena Kaye and James Lebrecht, with help from David Budries (whom I’ve worked with). 412 more words

Psychoacoustics and the auditory masking phenomenon

Happy New Year dear fellow geeks!

Many new year celebrations around the world involve at some point listening to the national anthem, or any other background music. 664 more words

Signals And Systems

EQ 4 TJ: Getting the Best Sound out of Your Tango Records


This article is about a simple and effective technique for getting the best sound out of your tango recordings. More specifically, we are targeting the electric recording era, from 1926 to 1949. 5,317 more words

Sound Engineering


The power of music, every so often, astonishes me in its capacity to make us transcend reality and pull us into the depths of our souls, our inner world. 993 more words

20th Century Music