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Did Grover drop the F-bomb?

The science of suggestion

A clip from Sesame Street is circulating online and there is a debate about what Grover said. Have a listen, does he say “that’s a f**king excellent idea”? 420 more words


Undergraduate student investigates psychoacoustics of ASMR trigger sounds

Anders Köhler recently graduated from the University of Skövde in Sweden with a Degree of Bachelor of Arts and majored in Media Arts, Aesthetics, and Narration (Game Development – Sound). 2,977 more words


Do you hear what I hear? The science of everyday sounds.

I became a professor last year, which is quite a big deal here. On April 17th, I gave my Inaugural lecture, which is a talk on my subject area to the general public. 5,702 more words

Sound Design

Masters Project - Human Perception

Throughout my research so far I have been finding out a lot about the physical techniques for sonification and what they can be used for (see my… 1,131 more words

Music Tech

Equal Loudness Contours

Equal loudness contours are  a graphical representation of perceived loudness of different frequencies at different volume levels.

Does that confuse you? First of all, loudness and volume have different definitions in this context. 297 more words

Yiğit Kolat : (mis)translating data into musical information

Yiğit Kolat’s music explores the liminal frontiers of musical activity and potentialities in (mis)translating data into musical information. The complicated political and social environment of his native Turkey is a recurring theme in his diverse output, which includes acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic works written for orchestra, chamber ensembles, voice, and solo instruments. 1,511 more words