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Strange New Marijuana Varieties

Hanukkah Bud:  Burns for eight days. It’s a miracle.

Florida Skunk Ape:  Smells like shit and no one can find it.

Anthro Buzz:  Makes you study the people around you and ask “What the fuck?” Obviously not a buzz for everyone. 79 more words


Progressive drug reform

The government are planning to ban all psychoactive substances intended for human consumption.

The ‘war on drugs’ has been going on for years. In the last decade, overall drug use has reduced by 2% and levels of class A drug use has risen by approximately 1%. 543 more words


Add More Prohibition To UK Drugs Policy. A Recipe For Disaster.

Unique amongst western democracies, the UK is reinforcing its ‘war on drugs’ with the most inane blanket ban on anything that has a psychoactive effect. 355 more words





ruled by scorpio

will assist in spells to
overthrow enemies
cause ruins
acquire courage
I pick some various plants… 229 more words

Magickal Arts

The Shroom

These things growing out of the ground are Liberty Caps.; A form of psychedelic mushroom.

Nobody told me they were so easy to find.

They are a Class B drug and occur naturally in fields. 39 more words


So you want to get high?

I’ve come across a lot of people in my line of work that are always looking for their next fix/ their next experience and sometimes I can’t help shaking my head at the stupidity of some of these people. 551 more words


German Lopez: 24 maps and charts that explain marijuana

VOX: People have been growing and using marijuana for thousands of years. Ancient texts praised the plant for its versatility — it was used for its psychoactive and medical effects and to make clothes and paper. 99 more words