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ruled by scorpio

will assist in spells to
overthrow enemies
cause ruins
acquire courage
I pick some various plants… 229 more words

Magickal Arts

The Shroom

These things growing out of the ground are Liberty Caps.; A form of psychedelic mushroom.

Nobody told me they were so easy to find.

They are a Class B drug and occur naturally in fields. 39 more words


So you want to get high?

I’ve come across a lot of people in my line of work that are always looking for their next fix/ their next experience and sometimes I can’t help shaking my head at the stupidity of some of these people. 551 more words


German Lopez: 24 maps and charts that explain marijuana

VOX: People have been growing and using marijuana for thousands of years. Ancient texts praised the plant for its versatility — it was used for its psychoactive and medical effects and to make clothes and paper. 99 more words


Psychotropics For Kids

Marek Michalak, Commissioner for Children’s Rights (RPD), has urged Polish Health Minister Bartosz Arłukowicz to address the problem of accessibility of over-the-counter drugs, especially those containing psychoactive and addictive substances, to children. 211 more words


Psychoactive Plant May Hold Key to Reversing Diabetes

New research published in Nature Medicine may have unlocked a new line of treatment for diabetes.

The researchers honed in on the main culprits in diabetes: beta cells.

128 more words

Freud's Cocaine Cure for Depression

Actually, Freud advocated cocaine for “whatever ails you”. Partly because he got so much benefit from using it himself, partly because he was paid handsomely by two competing drug companies to promote it. 134 more words


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Well I though this was a thought provoking post. So I've "re-blogged" it,  and made some comments. Here are my comments. The original post, along with a link, is below them.

1 – How is Freud’s use of cocaine (and the subsequent development of pharmaceuticals for “psychiatric illness”) any different than humanities long-time usage of psycho-active substances (and practices and rituals)? 2 – What is the difference between suppressing and repressing emotions with drugs and suppressing and repressing emotions with one’s innate defense mechanisms (in other words pushing things down into the unconscious, shadow, etc.)? This would seem to be very much contrary to Freud’s understanding of effective treatment. 3 – Do some substance suppress/repress and others facilitate growth, change, transformation, transmutation, integration of emotions and their associated defense mechanisms, shadows, past traumas and wounds? Studies on psychoactive plants and mushrooms and associated rituals certainly confirm this supposition. 4 – How are whole-plants different than purified and pharmaceutically synthesised compounds? 5 – When is suppression/repression appropriate and when is it detrimental and result in stagnancy or lack of forward growth? When overwhelmed a little numbness is a great gift and may allow one to build resources, rest and recuperate before jumping back into the crucible of transformation and facing one’s suffering, pain, emotions, wounds, and shadow. 6 – What is the result of a society that relies nearly exclusively on pharmaceutical (and other means such as TV, computers, etc.) suppression/repression and never moves into the phase of digestion, absorption, assimilation and transformation. The phase, in other words, of growth and development. Are people being trapped, from an increasingly young age, their development along certain lines (emotional intelligence, interpersonal, spiritual intelligence, etc.) stilted? At what purpose (economics and maintenance of the status quo)?