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Atlanta's Belgian in the spotlight!

This moth the Consulate General of Belgium in Atlanta published a piece on me and my PhD research in their monthly newsletter! Thank you so much for your interest and support!

Read the full interview here:

Persona and Shadow: Map of the Soul - A Selected Collection of Jungian Elaborations Part 3

False typologies

According to Murray Stein in Map of the Soul, and thus of course Carl Jung, human beings often have a tendency to revert to psychological types. 3,225 more words


Dear Destrehan: A Letter to my Hometown

Reject before you are rejected. This has been a rule of thumb for my entire adult life entire life. Consequently, I maintain a perpetual state of social flight. 896 more words


Jan - Olduğu Gibi Görmeye Tahammül Edemediği Aşkın Kıskacındaki Kimlik: “Devrimcilik”*

The Professionals’da J. Palance ve B. Lancaster’ın devrim üstüne sohbetine kulak verelim önce…

jp- Para için ölmek aptallık ama…

bl- bir kadın için ölmek daha büyük aptallık! 649 more words


Saul Newman | Radikal Politika ve Oto-tahakküm Problemi* | Çeviri: Doğacan Düğmeci

Bu makalede gönüllü kulluk problemini (ilk olarak
Etienne de la Boëtie tarafından dile getirilmiştir) inceledim ve bugün
radikal politika için ne anlama geldiğini açığa çıkarmaya çalıştım. 4,812 more words


Science and Pseudo-Science in Psychotherapy: How to Distinguish Fake Treatments and Why It's Important to

Psychology’s Pseudo-Scientific History

I’ve been hesitant to write this article for months because of the backlash that I know will ensue. After wrestling with the idea for some time, I’ve decided that it has to be written because prospective clients deserve to know what they are signing up for, because whether they’re paying a copay or full-session price, there’s a decent chance that they’re being ripped off. 775 more words