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The status – certainly the role – of language in Histoire d’O feels most of all defined by its sexual-anatomical reticence, above all in its at first disorienting substitution with… 784 more words



Something was wrong with my double. Everyone else got a mirror image of themselves, I got a monster. 

The others told me mine was ugly because my soul was ugly, and that I would be the first to die. 129 more words


How not to be sad

1. Tell your therapist you love her madly.

2. Tell your husband you love him madly.

3. Tell your girlfriend you love her madly.

4. Call your mom and tell her you love her madly and forgive her absolutely for all the ways she fucked you up. 251 more words


Core Concepts Series V: The Orgastic Function – Part 1

The Biomechanics and Electrophysiology Thereof

When Wilhelm Reich referred to “the function of the orgasm,” he was not talking about the purpose or meaning of the orgasm but simply about what happens in it. 1,069 more words


The Fictional Uncanny

Submitted for a graduate seminar on the man/machine dichotomy, this essay was written in one 2hr sitting as a single draft and hitherto represents 90% of my engagement with Freud by mass. 1,249 more words


Paul Robeson | Gwendolyn Brooks

That time

we all heard it,

cool and clear,

cutting across the hot grit of the day.

The major Voice.

The adult Voice

forgoing Rolling River, 38 more words


Shadow Writing Prompt

I am going to try to keep this as authentic as I can, because I don’t want awareness to interfere with what comes up and out here . 823 more words