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Perhaps it's time to flee to Calais to escape one's debts ... time to 'hard Brexit', as they say ... 😎

… and to escape persecution for not wearing a Superdry jacket, jeans, trainers and a beanie and not being in the possession of a Macbook, iphone, Uber app or Netflix subscription and not drinking alcohol and for not yet being a home owner with children. 😥

City Walk

To sleep is our last act of resistance

Our experience of cities are shaped by Neoliberalism and our options are to succumb or find possibilities for resistance.

It is controversial to suggest that inactivity, tuning out or turning off are possible forms of resistance, but as the interests of the 24/7 economy – production and consumption – are prioritised, sleeping may soon become the only viable option to disrupt its impact. 242 more words


Workshops - during and after

Hello! This is for anyone who would like to know what kind of stuff happened in my recent creative writing workshops for The Forge in Stanley. 426 more words

New Poetry

A tale of two cities: Maasvlakte

‘De zeer oude zingt’

(The very old sings), Lucebert

Heading away from the centre of Rotterdam begins a journey into a place whose scale and artificiality are difficult to convey. 212 more words