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psychogeography exhibition

I exhibited a collection of ambiguous drawings which could suggest sound-waves, geology and rock layers, weather mapping, water ripples, ariel-view landscapes or bark patterns. I also displayed a set of handmade books which I created by cutting up four larger drawings into smaller sections. 53 more words


On trying to surf. 

Salty beaches and sandy waters. Waves and waves of peaks and troughs.

Through gritted teeth and air filled lungs,

The repeated crash hung and hung. … 45 more words


Footy, moustaches and electric girdles: it's The Sportsman!

Reaching Smith Street, the boundary between Fitzroy and Collingwood, I noticed an intriguing ghostsign on the corner of Argyle Street. The words I could decipher from the faded lettering were: ‘The Sportsman – Sporting paper sold here – Advertisements received.’ There was a word or two I couldn’t be certain of, just below ‘The Sportsman’: I guessed that they might read ‘The Best’ but it’s a shot in the dark. 1,529 more words


Got A Funny Feeling

be smiling
be imaginative
you’re getting a funny feeling
that you’re falling in love

from the third work from #wevegotashow

More here: http://issuu.com/charnwoodarts/docs/weve-got-a-show

Paul Conneally

Urban remains: a necropolis and its vampire, a football club and a church

A lunch hour cycle ride through south Glasgow exploring an abandoned football ground, a statue, a neglected necropolis and a ruined church. Not forgetting a 1950s moral panic about a vampire. 524 more words


Landscape, punked — Hilary Hall

What’re ya in for, punk? he said, when the cell door slammed behind me and the locks all turning, turning, echoed in my soundholes. Wanking, I said. 2,235 more words


Sketch to painting

I might sell the sketches and the painting together