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Gildencroft and Psychogeography

On the map it was meant to be a straight enough radial walk from a city gate into the city centre but I’m easily distracted. I got lost around Gildencroft where – as the psychogeographers among you will know – an historic area clings on among the after effects of postwar modernisation. 2,565 more words

Norwich History

Perambulating the liminal spaces...

Despite my love of Iain Sinclair, Peter Ackroyd et al, Tom Gauld’s dig at psychogeographers in The Guardian had me grinning:


5lb for £5

One of the black huts used for selling fish on Aldeburgh beach provided a neat counterpoint to pages 53-59 of W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn… 73 more words


A Walk to the Pans.

At Morrison’s Haven – grassy triangle paths between red clover and trefoil. Stringy elastic rye grass rebounds from my tread, ringlets and blues flit – a good facsimile of COASTAL GRASSLAND (neatly cut and pasted from the AA Book of the Countryside) sedimenting over the industrial past. 433 more words


Dérive- A pyschogeaographical tool

Time to dig into the my reference book again and come back out with another pyschogeographical word.
The second of the two pyschographical tools also is blessed with a French name, Dérive. 298 more words


Psychogeography Ideas

Artstic drawing of New York

Google map of new York

Artstic drawing of Cardiff

Google map of Cardiff

Artstic drawing of Brighton

Google map of Brighton… 480 more words

Graphic Communication


Psychogeography Definition: the study of the influence of geographical environment on the mind or on behaviour. The geographical environment of a particular location, typically a city, considered with regard to its influence on the mind or on behaviour. 607 more words

Graphic Communication