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Ralph Potter #3 - Wanstead Park

Image: Wanstead Park

Ralph is interested in the archeology of Wanstead Park. And highlighted the lakes. The ornamental waters, the perch pond, the heronry pond, the shoulder of mutton pond. 132 more words


i want to walk along long streets which stretch away into infinite curves and give birth to endless other streets

i want to stand on hilltops and breathe in the liquid sensation of the millions of people alive and awake below me in their winking homes… 168 more words


Presentation Idea and Script

Presentation Notes

Presentation Script

There are two major influences on both psycho geography and derive.

These are Semiotics, the study of signs and symbols that convey understanding outside of speech. 294 more words



dry ice is a developing catalogue of de-purposed spaces around London

dry ice is a substance used as a substitute for natural phenomena

dry ice is barren and absolute… 8 more words


the gap

un-topia: failed utopia

dystopia: built to fail

both the delight of the misanthropist (me?)

a concrete un-topia. thamesmead. part setting for clockwork orange, misfits. a concrete tidal wave encroaching on woolwich’s braced back. 210 more words


red bus

there’s a red double decker bus in the concrete lot of one of the railway arch units next to peckham rye station. I pass it every day, whether I have opted for train, bus or feet that day on the way to college. 390 more words


Social Morphology in Relation to Physchogeography and Derive

Social Morpholagy

Social morphology With the concept of social morphology Durkheim classified the ‘substratum’ of society according to how human populations are distributed and organized across space. 208 more words