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since sixteen eighty nine

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On Repercussionism


1) On Repercussionism

1.1) No content: A series of superficial movements, which, taken together, form a global movement incorporating each series.

1.2) Series: each video contains a series of movements. 310 more words


The Public Realm EP - Religion in the sounds of the City

The Public Realm EP was a reaction last year to the council’s attempt to silence buskers in the centre of Birmingham, claiming that their amplified noise was distracting to shopkeepers, office workers and flat dwellers. 621 more words



It seemed to me, passing the erstwhile ABC “Futurist”{sic! where WAS its future?} cinema, wishing, as I did, to take sepia captures before total decimation: it seemed to me that I was (hommage to Sebald) watching my past vanish before/behind me{he writes, in “Across the Land and the Water”, pub and trans Galbraith, 2011, re the landscape, passing quickly when one is on a train journey:”and mutely it/watches you vanish”, the vanishing being the landscape AND the self, the spectral psychogeography of the mortal and/or erased/invisiblized self}. 705 more words

Some views from some trains

I’ve spent a lot of time on trains over the past year. I’ve covered quite a lot of England on those journeys. 1,179 more words

Not Sport

On Nomadology

We dig tunnels.

There is no overarching plan for this superstructure known as The Unstitute, but we know there must be enough ways for us to get out quickly when the need for escape arises. 557 more words