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On the making of home-places

When you know the next station on the U-Bahn
like you know the next song on your favorite album

You hum the melody
of the next song… 105 more words

Slowing Time

Time always slows down, I think, when you don’t know where you’re going. Well-known paths race by; my walk to the university is over in a flash. 65 more words


In litter-strewn Epping Forest on the edge of London, might a writer find that magical moment of transcendence? He will certainly discover filthy graffiti & frightening dogs, as well as world-renowned artists and fading celebrities, robbers, lovers, ghosts and poets.

But will he find himself? Or a version of himself he might learn something from? Strange Labyrinth is a quest narrative arguing that we shouldn’t get lost in order to find ourselves, but solely to accept that we are lost in the first place. 26 more words


Edging into Kent

Of all the places in the world I wouldn’t have expected to find a Metaphysical Supply Shop, Eltham is high on the list. However, there, not far from the station on Well Hall Road, stands Wicca Moon. 1,713 more words


Cardiff: The Meadow

If Bute Park is Cardiff’s Hyde or Central Park and Roath Park is its Regent’s Park, then the (unnamed) Meadow Walk is possibly its Hampstead Heath. 397 more words


New fields, old land

I tweeted a month or so back that I’d shoved all other writing projects aside (and that has included this blog, dear reader) because I’d started work on a Folk Horror story. 743 more words