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Kings 3 Cafe - Kings Norton

‘Kings 3 Cafe’
Paul Conneally
The Fold, Kings Norton, UK

Paul Conneally

My Psychogeography, Not a F*cking Fraternity

Although we Psychogeographers are all disciples of Guy Debord and those rollocking Situationists who tottered, soused, across the stage set of 1960’s Paris, thereby hoping to tear down the scenery of the Society of the Spectacle with their devilish¬†

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Bangkok Prolegomenon: the First Six Months

Moving to Bangkok has been very formative thus far. Among other things, this city has challenged me to enter states of discomfort linguistically, energetically, intestinally, sometimes interpersonally. 331 more words

Cultural Contrast

A walk along Victoria Street (part 1)

Victoria Street is one of my favourite suburban streets. It runs from west to east across the top of the city, forming the southern boundary first of North Melbourne and then Carlton, as far as Nicholson Street where it becomes Victoria Parade. 1,106 more words


Carpet Talk

Carpet Talk
Paul Conneally
Beaumont Leys
April 2015


Drifting Eastwards

Here is the link to a sort of personal map of a part of East London, based on a psychogeographical exploration. I created it for the online journal Interartive. 6 more words

Street Art

Kerb and Tyre Mark - Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks : New York Group 2015

The collating / collaging of Colin Murphy and Paul Conneally’s long series of photos of the IP kerb and tyre mark by the Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks : New York group and we are back with John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg and their ‘Automobile Tire Print – 1953′ where Cage made a voluntary tire print for Rauschenberg by driving a car with paint on its wheels along a strip of stuck together sheets of paper – our tyre mark was involuntarily made by some driver or another and spotted by Colin Murphy opposite New Parks Library. 146 more words