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Graphic Interruptions update

The blogging on here is truly taking a back seat as I thought it would *, but my Graphic Interruptions project continues. I got validation this week about its direction in the form of results for the first piece of assessed work on my Masters course, and I’m stumbling across more examples every time I step out onto a pavement. 332 more words

Graphic Design

Curatorial: PS Mirabel - Photography Group Show

I am curating an exhibition of photography in Manchester with a component that is linked to my current PhD research and would like photographers to get involved by submitting work. 592 more words

Tales from Richmond Hill

At the corner of Lennox Street and Rowena Parade is a Victorian shop (dated 1878) on which some very faded ghostsigns can be discerned. The words ‘General House Repairs’ are just about legible between the upper storey windows, and I could make out ‘Builders’ and ‘Carpenters’ above the ground floor windows, along with the now almost illegible name of the former owners, which appears to read  ‘ … ETT & SONS’. 1,242 more words


From Roadside To Library - Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks New York - Millree Hughes and Paul Conneally 2015 - 2016

Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks : New York culminated with images of things identified as ‘involuntary paintings’ by members of the Creative New Parks group being incorporated into the fabric of the New Parks Centre Library. 367 more words

Paul Conneally

Little Miss Birdgirl by Paul Conneally

Composition by Paul Conneally written for a set of electronic instruments that were each built by the composer out of very small samples of early Duke Ellington recordings.

Paul Conneally


“I know Charlotte has reservations about life here — the trouble with these places is that they’re not designed for children. The only open space turns out to be someone else’s car-park.” 379 more words

The Form of a City Changes Faster, Alas, Than the Human Heart

Old men like to say, when looking out across a metropolis, “I remember when all this was fields”. But if you heard this from the mouth of an old Athenian, that dying breed, this is undoubtedly true. 306 more words