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hook, line, and

you called me the group’s anchor and already i felt myself sink because i was gutted like a fish at the fact you knew too that i dragged you both down.

Prose Poetry

A sense of place - falling in love with a boatyard

What makes somewhere feel comfortable? Why do we feel at home in certain places, and out of sorts in others? We can fall in love with places just as well as with people, and some of the processes are the same, I think. 718 more words

401 north

All my life in Toronto, the 401 has been north of where I’ve lived.

But now, in Guelph, the 401 is south of where I live. 167 more words



Aimless wandering

surprising discoveries

around each corner

by Scooj


The Long Game

It’s a long game
looking at a body of water
you cannot cross;
knowing it could be years
decades even until you
make it to this side again. 35 more words

Prose Poetry

The Secret

I didn’t tell Ben or Alex that I think I got trenchfoot (probably) because I am A Girl and A Coward and now, because I have hardly any knowledge of it wouldn’t surprise me if my foot fell off and I would have to explain to them (not to mention, my parents) why my foot is in a field somewhere in rural France, at the bottom of a trench.

Prose Poetry

The bricks and stones of Clifton Hill

Asked to name a favourite Victorian building in Melbourne, you might choose the Royal Exhibition Building, the Windsor Hotel or one of those crazy Gothic revival buildings on Collins Street. 1,059 more words