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We are the Makers of Maps

In a sense, every human construction, whether mental or material, is a component in a landscape of fear because it exists in constant chaos.
-Yi fu Tuan ‘Landscapes of Fear’

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The Weird

on...Dongpirang village(동피랑마을)

Dongpirang is a painted neighbourhood in Tongyeong. It sits upon a hill and watches over the sea. 44 more words


Book design: Est Collected Reports from East Anglia

Last year myself and MW Bewick launched the publishing company Dunlin Press. We wanted a platform that promoted up-and-coming new writers and artists. We also wanted to celebrate the best writing, illustration and artistry without being tied down to commercial concerns or the fickle fads of fashion. 571 more words



Just a bump to confirm Post-Nearly Press does have plans under way for another item in the conversations series. Time-frame unknown but release likely to be sometime 2017. 84 more words


A Berkshire Wood in Spring

The Berkshire Downs, not open country but deep woodland scaling the hillside. Just after rain, wandering through the heavy feast of rain soaked boughs, green shadows dripping all around me, festering silence, rich but a little sinister. 154 more words